Soulful recording artist Savannah Cristina sheds Florida sun light on how to give yourself, Self-Care.

There is a unique gift casted to creatives. Their mere existence can take us to places of inspiration, healing, and oftentimes, wonderment. Newcomer Savannah Cristina, born under the South Floridian sun some 23 years ago, is one of the gifted. Our latest music spotlight, we spoke with the soulful songstress, writer, and poet about the power in her art, and how her life experiences birth the opportunity to release her EP titled, Self-Care.

Your EP, Self-Care to the untrained eye wouldn’t be something that people would see as a bold statement but actually I feel like it is (laughs). Tell us about your journey in music.

Self-care is definitely a revolutionary concept when it comes to R&B music and Neo soul. I think a lot of songs in that genre are dedicated to loving somebody outside of yourself. Self-care’s concept was revolutionized so that we incorporate into our music. It’s teaching you how to really love yourself, depend on yourself, and be self-sufficient. My music and brand are very transparent and I’m proud of that.


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