Music sensation, Elaine has been catching attention with her unique sounds and is taking that next step in her career by moving to California to pursue her dreams to become a global sensation. This South African star has an old soul and she’s so much wiser than her years. It is no wonder so many people are embracing her wave of R&B sounds. Fans everywhere are so excited to see how her journey will unfold as she takes her next step to LA. In our exclusive interview, we discuss her debut album that she has been working on for a over year, staying healthy during COVID, how she is ahead of her times, and so much more.

How has it been preparing for a debut album?

I have been preparing it for the last year, which has caused me a lot of energy, time, and patience. That’s what I really have been focusing on – music, developing as an artist, and leaving South Africa. A lot of things have been happening at once. I am just trying to keep afloat.


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