King Joel is an international music mogul and recording artist, currently dominating the mesh between Hip-Hop, R&B, and Afro-beats. As a Lagos, Nigeria native and Atlanta, GA resident, King Joel has managed to turn his pain into power and major success, through his work in the music industry.

His newly-released hit-single “My Love” is doing wonders and reaching the people on multiple levels. His sound is one of a kind, even being amidst a rising trend such as Afro-beats. His vibe is for the people and is based in authenticity first. King Joel prides himself at his possession of raw talent and passion for the art of music. 

We had the chance to chat with him and here is what was exchanged:
What was the inspiration behind your Newest hit, “My Love”?
The inspiration behind My Love was a situationship that I had at the time.  As always – as a man – I’m going to do what I’m going to do, but I wanted her to know I cared for her and loved her and was sincerely trying to win her back.

What can we expect from you in this upcoming season?
You all can expect a lot from me.  an Afro-beats EP.  One or two hip-hop singles and possibly another Afro-beats EP.
What do you hope the people experience through your contributions to music artistry?
I hope they experience a connection with their lives, their stories and have fun – more importantly.  Whatever way my music impacts someone – makes them feel better – mission accomplished.
Tell us something we don’t know about the world of Afro-beats! What’s next for this genre?
The world is just starting to see how powerful it is.  People don’t fully understand the true – raw power behind it.  I want to tap in the raw nature of the music – the drums – the rhythm.  It makes you want to groove and forget about your problems and pain.  Takes you back to the power jazz has – it’s infused with messages.  I’d advise people to go through the lyrics and feel them even more the next time they listen to their favorite songs!
How did you come to mix Afro-beats with the eclectic Hip-Hop and R&B medley you bring to the culture?
Drums – I started consuming Afro Beats here in Atlanta.  What drew me to it was how people were so receptive to the music from Africa here in America.  I felt like it was an opportunity to show homage to where I’m from and this genre is an extension from where I’m from.  I was able to blend the two genres and make an even stronger expression of music. It was about showing proper respect to where I was from and what I had expressed.
 Tell us about the video concept for “My Love”. What was your favorite part of curating this project?
The Video Concept was to create something that worked for a song that features two male artists.  I was expressing myself to a woman I was trying to win back.  Davido had a woman behind him – signifying that Davido has had a similar experience ‘in his past’/woman was behind him.  The black and white shots – were retro/throwback to classic entertainment.  The vibes together signified the future and present.  Two strong forces moving forward – together.