Musician Jahn Don sat with SHEEN to discuss his upbringing, social topics, COVID-19 and more. Check out his Q&A below!


Q: Please introduce yourself to the audience. 

A: My name is Jahn Don, I am a musician out of Miami FL. currently living in LOS ANGELES. 

Q: How Has COVID 19 Affected You ? 

A: I would say it affected me in a good way, got me to be inside more and focused on my music and building relationships. The negative impact I would say is not being able to take on shows and tours. Not being able to pop out to the clubs and get my record spin.

Q: What is your background? 

A: I’m Haitian, Born in Haiti

Q: What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

A: Many things, one being a dentist, that was one of my dreams as a kid lol. Then I grew to want to be an NBA player. I was really passionate about basketball.

Q: Tell us about the exact moment you found your calling. 

A: I was on the phone with a therapist friend, she and I were just going back and forth about my transitions and getting out of my 4 year relationship. I would always explain how I felt I wanted to be in a relationship or what not. I just remember her speaking some sense into me and saying. “it’s just a void you are trying to fill” you don’t need a relationship you just need a new passion, and led me to find what it is about me that I could do without money involved and never in my life did i think music was something for me. But I learned quickly that it was my best form of expression in life, I’m very misunderstood by most. 

Q: Who are your influences? 

A: My mother Fasho, she raised 5 kids on her own. oldest being 11yrs old. (granted my father passed away at an early time) but she ain’t run from the single mother life, she embraced it and struggled alone to raise all of us, she never took another man into her life to me that’s the most inspirational thing i’ve ever experienced.

Q: What would be a good theme song for your life?

 A: A King A Rockstar by Jahn Don

Q: What do you like doing in your spare time? 

A: Spent time with my family, Play with my puppies, and sometimes video games. Love to go shopping, and on dates. but most of the time I don’t have spare time.

Q: What is your biggest/weirdest fear? 

A: I don’t have many fears, but if I had to think of one that’ll have to be fearing of reaching a point in life where i quit on myself. That would be my biggest fear because I hate living with regret and I never want to pursue something and stop half way through.

Q:What would be your super power? 

A: Teleportation

Q:What are your long-term career goals? 

A: Long term I want to establish a production team within the label. I want to help other new artists who’s talented and gifted and need someone around who can create a blueprint for them, help them find their wave. 

Q: What was the process of obtaining your level of success like for you and what steps did you take that were necessary for the growth and maturity of your brand ?

A: The process I would say is being consistent and resilient, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and take chances. Make the necessary sacrifices to get to the next level, and believe in yourself more than what your eyes see. believe in your vision.

Q:Do You believe that celebrities and influencers have an obligation to be socially conscious ?

A: Yes, and No. Not everyone is interested in the mind games going on in the media. I mean I’m not personally and I don’t care to be unless its a matter that’s affecting me or my family and people. I mind the business that pays me.

Q: Do You believe that celebrities and influencers have an obligation to give back ?

A:  I feel that we have an obligation to pave a way when we’ve found a way. I think it’s our obligation to motivate and inspire people to go for me and want for more in their life. But everyone is entitled to do as they feel is best for them. I don’t judge when it comes to that.

Q:What does financial freedom mean to you ? 

A: Financial freedom to me is being in control of your time and how it’s spent on a daily basis. Money only gives you more time, How you spend it determines how financially free you are or not.

Q: What would you change about the industry today? 

A: I would say a better way for new artists to get on and tour with other artists.

Q: What things in your life would you give up in an instant if it got you to an even better place than where you are now ?

A: Uhh, I would say drinking and smoking. I’ve gone sober for months and realize how much I have accomplished but I can’t lie, the high life is none like no other. 

Q: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming entertainers ? 

A: I still consider myself one, so the advice I would give myself as well as others in my position is to be strong minded and see everything through, don’t quit no matter how the circumstances seem. Also, Don’t do it if you are not passionate about it.

Q: What Social topics are important to you and why ? 

A: I don’t pay attention too much to social topics, I mean I like sports, that’s about as social a topic I get.

Q:What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? 

A: Myself on a billboard in Times Square NY. an Amazing experience

Q:What would you like to remember about you?  about you? 

A: I would like to remember how persistent and hard working I was, How diligent and careful I was with the people I put around me and kept around me. I would love to be remembered for my kindness and caring for others.

Q: What is one message you would give to your fans? 

A: I would like to tell my fans, Thank You. For believing in me, rocking with me and growing with me, As I go through my life journey and elevate myself I hope to continue to inspire you to elevate yourself. Level Up. I hope to meet you all on tour, in concert someday and when I do. We gonna turn TF up!. love for life, JAHN DON.