There’s so much knowledge in the world that can make our lives feel easier and more orderly.  However, this knowledge is scattered and stored in smaller pockets, often passed down from one generation to another. But today, with the help of the internet, we can tie the loose ends of things we know by meeting other people. We can finally “do it all” while parenting thoughtfully rather than just hear about overarching theories. We can be the parents we aspire to be with credible guidance and support. Mothers of today find it more difficult than ever to connect with their children. The gap has widened so much and so quickly between generations that many have been overwhelmed by the impact. Jennifer Monness’ Union Square Play aims to close this gap by connecting, supporting, and empowering mothers.

Union Square Play (USP) is an app that connects parents and some vetted specialists. Although the app is ideal for parents, Monness says her main focus is mothers. She says, “Mothers are a busy bunch. I am a mother to two daughters and have many days, if not every day when I could use some extra help; especially if it came from another mother, as she would understand my situation better than anyone. Once I realized that, I felt I couldn’t be alone in feeling that way. Hence, my partners and I decided to create an app with our engaged Union Square Play community,  that helps women connect with other mothers. I wanted the app to become a go-to center for information, suggestions, ideas, and solutions to questions that mothers have but don’t always know whom to turn to for answers.”

She adds, “To help ourselves, we must help one another. For me, that’s the founding principle of any thriving community. Today, we may be far from feeling like we live in a close-knit society. However, we can find and give support by utilizing technology. The USP app is a place for mothers to offer support to each other, especially during crises and celebrations. This support can go a long way in making mothers feel more secure and less alone.”

“Connecting with and supporting other mothers can help every woman feel empowered. USP is a place that values knowledge, encourages creativity, and leans on strong mothers to help other women discover their potential as well,” says Monness.

Union Square Play, an app developed by Jennifer Monness and her two partners Sandra Di Capua and Anthony Rudolf, helps mothers learn from each other and improve the quality of their connection with their children.