Sheen Journalist, Ysante McDowell, caught up with Carmelle McDowell before 2021 ended to get the scoop about Caitlyn’s Closet which began as an online store to moving into a brick and mortar at Westgate Mall in Spartanburg, SC.

Caitlyn’s Closet was founded in 2018 as an online home-based store. In 2021 a storefront was opened.

The Purpose: My purpose for starting my business was to show my children what financial freedom and generational wealth looks like. I want to leave a legacy that can take care of generations to come, I am really big on work life balance. I want my children to know that’s normal!

The Passion: I am most passionate about my ability to serve my community & help children embrace their personalities through fashion.

Here to Serve: We serve our community, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and godparents!

Target Market: I would like to reach households/families locally & worldwide

My business stands out from others simply because it’s not just another children store/boutique. Our store is named after my daughter, Caitlyn, who loves & enjoys fashion. We not only offer unique, trendy, affordable, great quality fashion, but Our fashion embraces children, and help reveal their personalities!

I would share with others who are considering becoming a business owner to just start the business, don’t share the vision with small-minded people. They were not given the vision so they will not understand the assignment. Remember your “Why” Keep faith & it will all work out; your journey is your journey! Enjoy it!

We offer community engagement events where children of all walks of life can come and connect with each other & build and grow friendships.