Mychala Lee, young, beautiful, actress starring in feature film END OF THE ROAD on Netflix, with Queen Latifah and Ludacris is talking to us about living life on her own as a young woman experiencing work, beauty and fashion under her own steam.

Mychala Lee,  plays Kelly Freeman, Queen Latifahs daughter, in the film End of  The Road, which she says is a crazy sentence for her to say.  It was honestly a dream role for her because it has drama, comedy and action.  “I had some little stunts, some crazy fight scenes and stuff” she reported Of course that was just an experience on its own.” Filming in New Mexico for about two months, in her first film as a lead in a big feature, and then to put it alongside these grapes, the best of the best and working alongside them was a literal dream come true.”she said.

She also stars in Apple+ series TRUTH BE TOLD with Octavia Spencer, Kate Hudson, Mekhi Phifer, Ron Davis Jr. and new addition Gabrielle Union, an amazing star studded cast for sure.  Mychala’s role is expanding in Season 3 due to the new intense subject matter,  following a really important necessary story dealing with missing girls and human trafficking in Oakland, which is not just a story, it’s the truth. It’s extra special in my eyes, and I play Trini Killebrew, Mekhi Phifer’s daughter, once again, a crazy sentence. And that has been the role of a lifetime as well, just being able to tap into so many different emotions and different scenarios and learn so much through the experience as well.”

Her new show,  based on children’s books The Spiderwick Chronicles comes out on Disney plus. Its about a black family that comes to this small town and deals with matters; in their family, also with magic happening outside. It has magical creatures. It’s fantastical!

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Photos by Abe Bermudez

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