Let’s be real, we all owe it to our nail technicians.

Now a days, nail art has really changed the nail industry. Finding the perfect set of nails to match you can be a task and really, a lot of us rely on our nail techs to figure it out for us. Lately, I’ve been seeing the flashcard challenge all over my TikTok feed. This new trend requires nail lovers to put all their trust into their techs.

It starts off with techs presenting their clients with flashcards with different nail possibilties on each. This helps determine the length of the nails, the type of design, color, finish, shape – all of it! The client picks a card and the nail techs us all of the chosen cards to create their nail look!

Check out some exmaples below.


exotic nails w/ the flash card challenge 💕 #nailtech #fyp #fypシ #flashcardschallenge #nails #OneSliceChallenge

♬ Wasted Love Freestyle – Jhené Aiko


Sooo ii Tried The Flash Card Challenge How Did I Do ?! #smallbusinesstiktok #lashextensions #flashcardchallenge #Lashes #lasheschallenge #lashtech

♬ City Girls Unreleased Song – Kay.Kel


#flashcardschallenge . #nailtech LAST PIck WAS NUDE

♬ Pop It – Bankroll Freddie & Megan Thee Stallion


I tried the flashcard freestyle challenge 🍁✨ they came out sooo cute and this was sooo much fun to do !! #flashcardschallenge #atlnails #fypシ #foryou

♬ Intoxicated – whendrakesaid

Nail techs, are you bold enough to try this new trend? Nail lovers, do you trust your nail tech to do this challenge? Let us know in the comments below.