Tennis player, Naomi Osaka has stepped into the world of skincare!

The grand slam champion has just recently released her skincare brand called Kinlò.

In a statement to Allure, Osaka said, “I had learned so much about the importance of sun care first because I needed to, based on my own exposure to the sun, but also seeing that people with darker skin tones are often under-marketed in this area.”

She added, “It became a passion of mine to not only make a product I could be proud of and use, but also use it as an opportunity to educate and promote skin care in those communities.”

The brand’s name comes from Osaka’s Japanese and Haitian heritage. Currently, there are four skincare products: the Golden Rays Sunscreen (retails for $20), the Hydrating Eye Cream ($15), the Hydrating Golden Mist (retails for $15), and the Hydrating Lip Balm – which is not sold seperately. The lip balm is part of the Golden Ritual Skincare Set which includes all the products.

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