Naomi Sharon has released a cinematic new music video for her song “Push” feat. Omah Lay. Watch the video HERE.

Directed by Giancarlo Sánchez, the incredible visual sees Naomi give a hypnotic performance. Naomi is in her element as she performs and dances to the magnetic beat. Produced by XYZ, “Push” speaks on a woman’s intuition, and its rhythmic driving sonic perfectly compliments Naomi’s spiritually attuned lyrics.

Of the single, Naomi shares, “‘Push’ shows that where love meets lust, there will be fire. It is a sensual ode to your sacral chakra.”

“Push” features Omah Lay – the 25-year-old singer and producer, whose brand of Afro-fusion effortlessly pulls from his deeply personal history with West Africa’s percussion-heavy highlife genre, flourishing in his home base of Lagos. Layered with vivid scenarios and heartfelt confessions, Omah Lay’s rich music not only depicts a young man daring to reveal his grittiest vices and innermost feelings, but also doubles as a fascinating window into Afro-fusion’s bright and expansive future. With his darkly sparkling vocals, evocative storytelling, and contagious rhythms, Omah Lay is one of Nigeria’s most talked about innovators.

“Push” comes off the heels of Naomi’s transcendental single “Regardless,” which was co-written by Naomi Sharon, Christian Beau Anastasiou Astrop, Jack Rochon, and Alex Lustig. Obsidian, Naomi’s debut album, landed at the perfect time for the Dutch-Caribbean star, whose presence in the global music scene is ever-growing.

Obsidian Tracklist

1. Definition of Love

2. If This Is Love

3. Another Life

4. Myrrh

5. Celestial

6. Time and Trust

7. Push (ft. Omah Lay)

8. Holding in Place

9. Extacy

10. Lucid Dreamer

11. Regardless

12. Outro (If This Is Love)

12. Hills (Bonus Track)


Obsidian is a thrilling portrait of a singular new soul talent with global appeal, pulling from a wealth of diasporic inspirations to create a sprawling yet soothing sonic palette.

Naomi conjures an emotional intimacy throughout Obsidian, with an impeccably addictive haze of nostalgia and a yearning for simpler times, perfectly balancing the acknowledgment of the volatility of adult life. At times tranquil; but in other moments hauntingly raw, Naomi’s voice and deft lyrical ability, conjures love, heartbreak and healing, all whilst calling on the natural, spiritual and celestial realms for further support. Naomi has crafted an album that is personal to her, but universal enough that all listeners will come away changed from her rapturous lyricism. On Obsidian, Naomi solidifies herself as a truly incredible songwriter; one who offers the sharp blade of the realities of life with a honeyed tone of palatability.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Naomi signed to OVO Sound as their first female signee. Since then, she has released stunning singles and various remixes featuring production by Noah “40” Shebib, Alex Lustig, Beau Nox, Rampa, and more.

Born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, music has always been in Naomi Sharon’s genes. “My first memories were in the living room, listening to music with my mom and dad. They were very into music,” she says. “My dad is a producer-slash-DJ and my mom used to sing. My uncle played a bunch of instruments too and my aunt was a singer, then I came along. We used to go to their house and have jam sessions at family dinners.” Of Dutch and Caribbean heritage, her musical diet growing up was diverse and constant – she jokes about being a kid coming home from school to the sounds of Sting, Sade, Eva Cassidy or jazz musician Marcus Miller blaring in the house. It’s no surprise then that she always knew she was destined for the path she’s on now. “As a kid, I was daydreaming a lot and maybe that was a part of the manifestation, but I really believed that I would belong to this world… it wasn’t arrogance but maybe I already knew that I had something to deliver. A belief and an urgency as well, to tell a story. I’ve always been a very emotional being.”

With a genre-defying sound and an exceptional debut, this is only the beginning for Naomi Sharon. Stay tuned for much more to come.

Photo Credit: Brandon Bowen