Nashia Hordges, popuarly known as AskNecol is on a mission to be an advocate for women all over the world and remind others that there is love for everyone. The professional matchmaker, with over six years of experience has helped so many people around the world learn more about themselves whether it revolves love, friendships, and even professional fulfillment. We caught up with the well-known matchmaker to discuss her brands, lessons learned in this realm, and much more!

Tell us what made you want to become “AskNecol.”

Well, AskNecol was actually my blog name over the years. I used to be a blogger. Necol is actually my middle name. That’s how that came about. I’ve always wanted to be an advocate for those that just needed advice; whether it’s about love, personal, or professional fulfillment, that’s how AskNecol came about.

What inspired the 777 Club?

I’m a firm believer in numerology. 7 happens to be my favorite number. August 7th is my birthday. Also, I just relocated to Las Vegas to pursue my lifelong dream as a matchmaker.

What would you say is your favorite thing about being a matchmaker?

I can definitely say, I get to learn in full depth about my clients. Whether it’s in a social gathering or a steakhouse, or a golf course, it allows me to position myself in prestigious establishments. I am a social butterfly as you would say.

You have over six years of experience in this realm. What would you say is something this experience has taught you about yourself?

I would say it has taught me to accept myself and know my worth. I can definitely say that my favorite quote of all time is “To know your worth, you should always know the difference between what you’re getting and what you truly deserve.” You never want to settle for anyone just so you can have something.

What can we expect to see from you in the years to come?

If the future, you can expect to see an expansion of The 777 Club, mixers and events as I will be hosting more events after COVID-19. I just want to teach women all over the world to accept themselves for who they are and never settle for less, that’s my motto.

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