Today, as a transformation coach, human capital development strategist, and business development consultant, Natalie Taylor has certainly navigated the ebbs and flows of life. One who has had years of credentials and has worked on Wall Street with titans like Credit Suisse, Ernst and Young, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Lehman Brothers, and National Australia Bank. Her journey of total transformation has been far from perfect as her polished resume would indicate.

Take us back a few years where it all began?

2015 was one of the most difficult Christmas seasons ever. My first foster mom had been in the hospital four months and during that period, she lost the use of her feet and hands, and couldn’t speak. At the same time, I was in a toxic marriage had small children. Although, I had a brand-new business that had just taken off. I was experiencing major success monetarily, but at home, there was constant verbal and emotional abuse. On one hand, I knew that this could not be my life but was so thankful that I finally got to pay it forward and take care of the woman who took care of me.

Although it was tough in that I was forced to recognize that my life on the outside did not match my life on the inside. Many people are struggling with the fact that they have external success but are living a life where they are suffering in secret. I had the money, the luxury car, and lived in a high-end neighborhood. I had the children and technically was married, but my life was an absolute mess. Speaking of mess, the following year, I lost everything—income, marriage, home, relationships—all of it. It was a traumatic loss.

So how did you get from there to where you are now?

After taking massive action on my goals, by Christmas 2018, I was back in my own place with my kids. We had the decorations and presents and all. But soon, I realized that I wanted much more than just to give my kids short-term things like that were only fleeting experiences of joy. I wanted to begin to build a foundation where I could teach them how to build a legacy. It was now about giving them something more substantial like financial wealth, family wealth, generational wealth.

At the beginning of 2019, I relaunched my coaching program. After doing a live session, I was able to start with my first 25 people in that coaching program, using the same methodology that I had implemented in my own life from 2016.when I lost everything. I was able to do what I love and was called to do, and the coaching program had immediate success.

The participants in the coaching program experienced mental clarity, marriage improvement, more confidence at the workplace, healing from family trauma and relationships, and projecting boldness as leaders in their companies and corporations, gaining new clients and multi-million dollar contracts. The results were amazing to watch and I was so thankful and honored to be a catalyst in this experience.

Their successful results created a kind of ripple-effect as they started to recommend me to their friends, family, and business partners. So that coaching practice quickly grew to 6-figures. And from that coaching practice, I was able to start another stream of income: leadership and human capital development consulting.  That consulting second stream of income quickly grew to 6-figures that same year as well, and that was a game changer. With both streams of income, I was able to build the foundation and start the legacy I desired for my family. I saved $50,000 plus a 5-figure emergency fund in another account, I repaired my credit score from 400+ to nearly 800, put down the deposit for our dream home, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and bought a brand new car.

Believe it or not, sometimes the things that you lose through adversity bring you to things that you’re meant to have. The things that you think you’re losing, the failures that you think you’re experiencing, are actually clearing the way for what you are called to do and the experiences you want to have in every arena of life.

Tell us how you transform lives today through the Life Architect Society.

The core promise of Life Architect Society is to provide an incubator system for the individual who’s either looking for personal development/leadership development, or the individual that’s looking to focus on their business/financial development. The idea is that the entire collective of high achievers across the globe work together toward their goals, becoming a rising tide that lifts everyone within the community to new heights.

Over the next 12 months, individuals in the society will have the opportunity to transform their leadership, their relationships, their career, and launch their next stream of income, in addition to optimizing their business and finances.

This community of high achievers is already forming a culture that will facilitate this growth. Our culture is a transparent, non-judgmental, supportive, embracing, and encouraging energy that allows each individual to focus on their journey, and become the ignition to fire up the engines of the others.

I created Life Architect Society because in 2020, I realized people in my community wanted certain solutions that included creating another stream of income, building a course, scaling or restructuring their business, growing their finances, and getting out of debt. According to their feedback, some coaching programs were forcing them to want a quick fix. They were realizing that if it was going to be done properly and have a lasting result, their transformation needed to be spread over a longer period of time. They wanted a place where they were not getting part of the answer in a short space of time, but then as soon as they started working on implementing that answer, the 21 days or 90 days was over.

I also realized that people in my community wanted real transformation. They wanted the mindset shift and the lifestyle changes, but they didn’t have a huge budget to invest in coaching. Therefore, we needed to price it at a point where we were not threatening the very transformation that we were helping them to accomplish. It’s one thing to have a vision of doing something or accomplishing something and it’s another thing to see that vision begin to take form and grow right before your eyes. The more individuals that join Life Architect Society, the richer the experience become because it’s amazing to watch these experts and caregivers and contributors who represent so many different niches: education, government and quasi-government funding, African genealogy and history studies, sales and digital marketing experts, and more! It’s amazing to watch them start to do the work for themselves, believe in themselves, connect with others who are ready to support them and cheer them on–creating a vision far bigger than they would’ve never even thought of!

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