Strength comes from within, and you have the power to claim it and use it as a driving force to achieve the things you want in life. Dreaming of success and wanting to achieve it is the easy part. Still, if you start preparing yourself early enough, you can overcome any challenge that stands in your way. Nathalie Nicole Smith is the definition of self-made. Her story is both inspiring and compelling.

Nathalie Nicole Smith, a woman on a mission who wears many caps. She is an entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness industry, founder of Plush Beauty, philanthropist, and #1 best seller of a self-published book, ‘Becoming a Brand.’ She is also a mentor and success coach who is showing the world the power of believing in yourself and your strengths.

Before she got into her career, Nathalie worked hard through her school years and graduated with a Bachelors in Communication and Business since she double-majored. Reaching for her goals has been instilled in her since she was born, and it has helped her achieve the success she has today.

Nathalie says that one simple YES changed her life. She has embarked on a transformational journey. By combining her experiences in life into the teachings, Nathalie has worked as a makeup artist for MAC and in bottle services as she was building her business. These jobs helped her create meaningful partnerships.

Having started her self-development journey since she was young, she hopes through her youth mentorship programs, she can help more young people to start preparing for their future success early. She has spent over 12 years mentoring and tutoring in the local DC area and freelancing across the country. She specializes in wellness, business, and beauty consultations.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life. She is now a driving force in the beauty and wellness industry. Her online eco-beauty business is changing how people view beauty and wellness. She has overcome challenges to build this brand.

Nathalie has won many people’s hearts with her strong-mindedness and sheer drive. Her outlook on success is contagious and many of the people she has mentored remember her lessons fondly. She was selected as a ‘Top 30 under 30’ honoree by 93.9 WKYS and partnered with Total Life Changes to work on more health and wellness products.

Nathalie is training women across the world to become bosses in their lives. Women need the confidence to be able to discover and chase their passions. In the words of Nathalie, ‘Out of that passion comes women who boss.’ Nathalie’s journey, beliefs, and achievements serve as a beacon to all. She hopes that her story will inspire others to follow their dreams.



Featured Image courtesy of Nathalie Nicole Smith