NBA veteran CJ Watson talks to Sheen Magazine about his highly-anticipated children’s book, ‘CJ’s Project.” This book means a lot to Watson and is inspired by personal experiences Watson faced growing up. His mission is to inspire and motivate the next generation.

“I wanted to write children’s books because I wanted to inspire kids. I know I didn’t really have a role model or sports figure to look up to besides my parents or grandparents. I want to be that role model for kids to look up to and say ‘Hey, he achieved success why can’t I?'” 

“All the experiences in my books are all true and have happened to me. I felt like my stories were easily relatable to children because of that and that made it easy to translate to a book. Every emotion of feeling these young readers may go through, I have gone through. I also wanted to let them know they are not alone and can achieve success in whatever it is they may want to do.”

When asked who inspired him and what he like readers to acquire from his book? Waston shares,

“My parents and grandparents inspire me. They come from poor backgrounds and defied all odds to become successful people. Not only successful for themselves, but they always pushed and helped others achieve success and to believe in themselves.”

“I want young readers to dream and dream big. The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish in this world no matter what anyone says dreams do really come true and can come true. But through hard work and consistency anything possible if you put your mind to it.”

We here at Sheen Magazine salute Watson for sharing his personal childhood experiences in his book in hopes to reach children out there.

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Photo credit courtesy by Ivy Nguyen