Just a few days ago, Neejay Sherman released her debut memoir, Broken To Peace, so naturally we had had to sit down with her for an exclusive interview! In the new book, Neejay not only shares the details of her difficult childhood but she also opens up to readers about how they too can continuously push forward through life’s challenges. We caught up with Neejay to obtain all the details on her new book and much more!

Tell us about your new book, Broken to Peace.

Broken to Peace is a poetry book of short verses and personal reflections. It came about when my mother passed away three years ago when I was a sophomore in college. It was sudden, she was diagnosed from a random hospital visit and passed away ten days later. Throughout that process, I went through a deep depression and at the time, I was very out. I was a pageant girl, I just ran for Miss New York and I modeled. After that happened, I took a step back from everything I was doing. Everyone asked me how I was doing but never knew what I was going through behind closed doors. I literally fell off the board for about three years. I deactivated all my social media, I didn’t go out, and I stopped going to school for a semester. I cut off communication with people that I was close to. I really sat in my grief. I started writing because it was a way for me to just get off my thoughts on how I was dealing with my grief. At the end of it, I realized that it could really help others understand what I went through. Broken to Peace just walks people through grief, which for me was love, loss, self-love, and healing. Those are the four main chapters in the book. I open up in a way about my journey that is kind of speaking from third person so that I can still speak to the readers in a way that is relatable to what they’re going through.

Grief can be very confusing and heartbreaking. One day, you may feel happy, another day you may feel sad and depressed. It’s confusing. I just wanted to help others who may be on that uncomfortable journey and help them understand that there’s purpose in your pain.

It’s clear that you’ve been through a lot in your life and childhood. Having been through so much, what advice would you offer our readers?

The advice I would offer is that there is purpose in your pain. Don’t give up. No matter how hard something may be, you’re always going to come out stronger. God, for me revealed a lot to me. I feel now, so much stronger to help others. Sometimes, we don’t understand why we go through the things that we do until we run into someone that may be going through the exact same thing that you went through. The advice I would give to the readers is don’t give up, it may seem hard right now but you will come out of it. The purpose of it all will be revealed to you.

photo by Daniel Serrette

If you had to choose one word to describe your journey to success thus far, what word would you choose and why?

The word I would choose would be lesson. I think that this journey has been my greatest teacher. I would say a lesson for sure!

Are there any upcoming projects you can give us insight into?

I’m planning to do a pop up shop in February so I’m excited about that. I got a lot of great feedback on the apparel and merchandise so that is the next big thing I’m working on. I would also love to create a women’s empowerment conference in the future. Hopefully, a book tour will happen soon as well!

photo by Andy Sanitago

Broken to Peace is now available online through major
book retailer Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon & Kindle.

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