Ready to Love isn’t your typical dating show, and “Nephew Tommy” isn’t your typical host either.

And both are great reasons why OWN’s dating program has been catching on all around the country so well. It has even been ranked as the top Friday night program in African American households.

Season 3 of Ready to Love began April 2 and promises more unscripted entertainment each week as groups of single African American men and women in the Houston area try to connect.

Tommy Miles, better known as the prank-loving “Nephew Tommy” on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, takes his role as host seriously, which he thinks is important since the competitors are equally serious about finding connections.

While most contemporary dating shows feature contestants in their 20s, Ready to Love features cast members in their 30s, 40s, and even their 50s. Some have been married and divorced, some have focused on their careers for years and haven’t had time for serious relationships. But they’re all bright, professionals, including several business owners, and they don’t have time or interest in all the game playing and drama like the younger competitors might.

Tommy Miles has said that the women especially don’t have patience for any players, so any man wanting a shot at one of them really needs to bring his A game.

The hit series is on OWN every Friday night and is produced by Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment. Houston is also Tommy Miles’ hometown and he has fun showing it off.

Along with his hosting duties, Tommy Miles has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately developing his grit brand company, launching in late April. He promises everyone will love the flavors from his new  company, including those who don’t think they like grits at all.

He also recently released a powerful YouTube video, “An America Without Black People,” which points out all the contributions that African-Americans have made over the course of our country’s history, from developing the traffic light and telegraph to achievements in sports, entertainment and science. He hoped it would help people realize the positive impact of People of Color on our American culture, especially when it’s been so easy to get caught up and take sides in divisive issues such as Black Lives Matter.  Keep up with Nephew Tommy on all social media platforms @thenephewtommyexp and his website.



Featured Image provided by Tommy Miles