I was just as intrigued as you! When I first saw that Neutrogena was releasing a hair care line, I thought maybe there was a mix up. Not Neutrogena the skincare line. Yes, the Neutrogena – the skincare line has released a hair care line in an effort to promote healthy hair.

The brand launched the Healthy Scalp Collection which includes shampoos and conditioners. In a statement to Allure, associate director of research and development for Vogue International, Jaime Kontz said, “We took the best of skin-care ingredients and infused them into premium, hair-care formulas. The result, is premium hair care, designed to promote a healthy scalp environment.”

The Hydro Boost with Hyaluronic Acid was made to prevent a dry scalp from occuring and the hair from thinning. There is also something for you beauts with an oily scalp and hair.

The Clarify & Shine with Pink Grapefruit was formulated with potent antibacterial and antimicrobial effects so that the sclap is cleansed. It contains grapefuit and vitamins A and C to keep the hair shiny and healthy.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, have no fear because there is a product for you too! The Gentle & Soft with Micellar Water not only cleanses the scalp but it also restores balance back into the hair.

Lastly, the Soothe & Calm with Tea Tree Oil gives the hair a boost of hydration. It also keeps the hair moisturized and prevents dry skin from happening on the scalp.

Each shampoo and conditioner within this collection retails for $12. Click here to purchase your products today.