There’s a new R&B Queen on the rise and it’s none other than Connecticut based singer-songwriter, B R I. You most likely seen B R I, whose real name is Briana Maia, on the acting scene as the talented singer used to act. Now, she’s on track to becoming a household name with her unique sound. B R I teamed up with Grammy Nominated Producer Gourty Maxx to help shape her sound and has written hits for Beyoncé’s Parisian back-up dancers, the Les Twins. Get to know B R I and follow her on her musical journey.

How would you define your music?

With vocals often described as “soothing” or “angelic”, my music is sweet but confident. Influenced by artists like Aaliyah, Brandy, Mya & Beyonce – I combine silky vocals and calm delivery with Producer Gourty Maxx’s dynamic and thorough production to create a space of unabashed self-confidence for any listener. I just want people to feel like their swaggiest, best selves when they sing my songs.

Taye Spearman for Oh Shoot Productions

As a new artist, what’s the most imperative lesson you’ve learned about the music industry so far?

To be brave enough to share my ideas. As creatives, I think we sometimes allow our ideas to be so precious that we don’t do anything with them. But I swear, everything I have now – the teammates, placements, etc – I have because I shared an idea. You never know who is watching or listening, so just do it. Be intentional and share the idea.

How can new fans connect with you?

Connect with me on Instagram or shoot me a message through my website. I’m also live on IG every Monday at 8:30p, est for my “Indie Hour,” a space where I play and celebrate Independent Artists and their music. Catch me there, too!

Watch the official music video for “Pay Off” B R I & Gourty Maxx below.



Featured image courtesy of Ashley Johnson