CIDENNA is a black owned Atlanta based clothing brand designed and curated by Khalil Walthour. Now reaching every corner of the world the small, simple yet creative reflects on CIDENNA edgy design aesthetics. “We create high end, upscaled designs with a twist of sport, skateboarder & street styles. Simple is the new norm, get used to us disrupting your ordinary wardrobe.”

CIDENNA means created in difference and we aim with every design to create something unique and one of its kind. We take pride in making something simple, high end and relatable while not breaking your pocket.

photo by Khalil Walthour

How much does the south encourage your brand’s style being that you are based out of Atlanta?

The south plays a huge role when it comes to designing CIDENNA clothing. Not only was I born and raised in the south but the majority of the style aesthetics of the brand comes from southern hip hop and southern style. Many know that I’m a huge fan of hip hop and I apply different forms of it in everything I do with the brand. We can see before our eyes that the newer generation of Hip-Hop and style is curated from the southern culture. Atlanta is one of the biggest cities for new and successful hip-hop artist, so I would be lying if I said that the south hasn’t influenced my band in some way. 

photo by Khalil Walthour

What makes your clothing brand unique?

CIDENNA stands for created in difference, so I try to apply that in every new piece I create.  My brand has one of a kind pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, even if the product is similar there will always be something different and unique about it whether it’s in the material or pattern structure of the product. 

How does your brand plan to elevate during our current pandemic?

During the pandemic my brand has taken some time to rebrand and really understand the vision and direction of its future designs. As we all can see wearing a mask is now the new norm, so we definitely have to adjust to what’s new and what’s current and then apply it to our collections.  We plan to adapt to change while still making everything we do represent the brand in the best way. 

photo by Khalil Walthour

How has your brand gave back or brought awareness to social injustice?

With such a huge pandemic that the world is currently facing there are many people who have lost their jobs or either just aren’t making near as much as they use too. As a fashion designer I’m always trying to find a way to design something that catches the eye of a new customer but in this situation, I wanted to focus more on giving back by doing giveaways. Providing my product to someone else who may be less fortunate or just simply giving to anyone during this time is a plus. I feel that once you get to a place in your business where you have a ton of supporters that buy your products it’s only right to give back especially during such a difficult time.

photo by Khalil Walthour

If you could do a collab with any other brand or celeb. Who would it be and why?

I would have to say Kanye West and his brand Yeezy Supply. Kanye’s taste in fashion is so similar to what I like. The brand is very simple but extremely different which causes people to talk or either get confused on what he’s trying to accomplish and that’s what I love about it! My style of designing and brand aesthetics mixed with Kanye’s will be super iconic.  Kanye isn’t afraid to step outside his element and neither am I. 




Featured Image by Shiheem Young