Bianca Modo is a passionate Brand Project Manager, knowledgeable best-selling author of Unscarred: Prayers for Healing, and a transformational speaker who naturally creates warm connections with her audience. Bianca is the CEO of Modo Global, LLC and the creator of BRAND BUILD,™ which handles multiple businesses, one of which includes L’Amour Chic. Bianca and her mom, Sonya, came together to create a place for beauty professionals to thrive in their own space without salon drama, L’Amour Chic Suites of Fayetteville. The salon suites are the only luxury, black-owned-suites in South Atlanta. As a response to being in quarantine, she partnered with her mom and friend Jordan Williams to create subscription boxes for the overworked superwoman!

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What inspired you to launch the L’Amour Chic Subscription box?

Sometimes life forces us to slow down. These recent weeks have inspired… or forced many of us to spend less time on the go and focus more on our wellbeing. Our women-led team had to slow down and surrender to our inner goddess. The three of us wanted to create something for women to celebrate how strong and powerful we are, but also acknowledge women need a break. A break from our families, our businesses, our jobs, and sometimes, our own thoughts. As women, we are constantly giving so much of ourselves, whether it be our time or energy. I mean, we literally give life. We realized that we are at our best when we are loving ourselves. I wish that for all of my queens. What better way to help other women than to get them what they need most during this pandemic, than boxing up some self-love. Self-care is self-love.

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, how does self-care contribute to mental wellness?

Recent studies have shown that taking the time to relax and learning different relaxation techniques can significantly lower fatigue and blood pressure, reduce muscle tension and chronic pain, improve sleep quality, concentration, and digestion, and boost your confidence to maintain problems. Once we as women understand that self-care is about how we treat ourselves and not necessarily what we are taking from others (the guilt we feel), we can truly nurture our health, which includes our mind. Self-care is a great way to bring about calm, peace, and happiness in the midst of turmoil. It doesn’t take much effort to spend time with ourselves. We just have to learn how to get back to the basics when we are mentally being pulled in different directions daily. Just the fact that we’re taking time to do something good for ourselves brings about a sense of joy and self-love. We as women are always expected to be the nurturers of others before we are nurtured if we are ever nurtured. This is the perfect time to find our inner peace and what it means to have a healthy mental space.

Share a few of your personal wellness practices that have helped you maintain peace during quarantine:

Bianca: I make sure to work out at least four times a week, whether it’s riding my bike, running, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. This gives me time to process my thoughts.

Jordan: I started a garden over the last few months, that’s been a beautiful experience. I also love taking extravagant baths and lighting candles. Cooking and dancing in my living room. and I have a Yoni Steam/Face mask date with myself weekly. 

Sonya: I’ve started listening to a “calm” app that works well when I’m trying to relax and find myself getting restless during this stay at home order. Cooking also calms my mind. Baking is a great way to remove all the tension from inside the mind. Knowing that peach cobbler is going to put a smile on someone’s face puts a smile in my heart.

What is next for you and how can readers learn more about the L’Amour Chic Subscription box?

We can’t wait to connect with our tribe. We will be getting creative with safe and interactive ways to get to know our client base in the near future. We are also working on building relationships with other minority, women-owned businesses who are in the beauty, food & beverage, and fashion industry. We are looking forward to the high-end growth of L’Amour Chic.

Readers can find us at or on Instagram at @LamourChic.

photo by Bianca Modo







Featured Image by Bianca Modo