There has been a domino effect of issues affecting the entire country since the corona virus was introduced earlier this year and social distancing became an imposed way of life. The aftermath of the viral threat has resulted in lives being lost along with jobs, opportunities and mental fortitude. Many people find themselves feeling hopeless about their present state not to mention the future. Author Christal Jordan says her new book,

HOW TO WIN WHEN SH*T HAPPENS: 31 affirmations to build mental immunity in the midst of chaos” was created as an answer to keep mental immunity strong during these uncertain times.

Jordan partnered with international award-winning DJ Mark Battle to create a comprehensive prescription for mental immunity with the book and an accompanying music playlist. “We know that words and music are the most powerful mood enhancers that exist. If we can speak positivity to ourselves daily through specific affirmations that resonate with our inner core, and we can combine that with music that connects with that same energy, the result is limitless,” Jordan says.

HOW TO WIN WHEN SH*T HAPPENS includes thirty-one daily affirmations along with quotes from some of today’s most inspirational thought leaders and motivational speakers. “The affirmations are designed to build an individual’s mental fortitude so that they are prepared for any tragedy or loss that comes their way. We know that life is going to deliver hard times so it’s important that we prepare our minds to handle trauma, much like we are being told to prepare our physical bodies. Your mind must be strong in order to be in the mental space to take care of your body the way you need to,” Jordan says.

Award-winning entertainment specialist/DJ Mark Battle says he immediately accepted the opportunity to partner on the project because he sensed it was needed. “People need to hear something positive right now. When Christal called me with the idea, I knew it was a creative way to share something that people could go back to and use a part of their daily motivation. We see how DJs have been able to lift people’s spirits with these LIVE sets happening on IG. This was my way of taking it a step further and giving people a feeling, they can go back to and re-visit, daily if needed,” he says.

HOW TO WIN WHEN SH*T HAPPENS: 31 affirmations to build mental immunity in the midst of chaos” is available in both e-book and paperback on Amazon. The playlist is FREE on Soundcloud.  To learn more, click here.