Bruce is the founder & C.E.O. of a successful brand called “Rebel L7fe™️ Enterprises” that he created in 2013 while serving a 10 and 1/2 year prison sentence. Upon release from prison in 2020, Bruce started speaking on social media platforms to motivate & inspire people with unique powerful videos that eventually led to him going viral on the TikTok social media platform & becoming a social media star amongst the masses across the world, even gaining attention from celebrities, prominent figures, & atheletes. Soon after his rise as a top influencer, Bruce suprisingly released a book entitled “The VII Principles: A Guide To Help Find Your Purpose In Life” on Amazon which is currently a 5-Star book & climbing the charts. The book gained a phenomenal response from the masses which solidified him as a brilliant writer in the literature world. A spiritually/musically gifted powerful leader & speaker, Bruce uses his brand, voice, & music to inspire people to find their purpose in life & teaches them to use their success to empower their families & be of service to others in need.

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