New Orleans native Jazmyn Lacey is a young beauty entrepreneur. Beauty has always played an instrumental role on Lacey’s life since a young age. She credits her beauty talents and skills to her grandmother Thelma and her mom Janice Lacey.

“I was taught many things about beauty at the age of 13. My mom would fix her makeup early mornings before work and as soon as she left, I would sneak in her makeup bag and doll my face up before school. (Laughs) I craved beauty every day after learning ways to fix my makeup like my mama.”

Jazmyn wants her clients to know that beauty is within everyone no matter what color, religion, shape or size, and that we all are one of a kind and special.

Jazmyn went on to discuss her inspiration behind her success which is her two children Harmony and Saint.

 “They motivate me to want more out of life and to push and grind every day. I could never give up because I know they’re depending on me. I love my babies, I’m grateful to be their Boss Mom.”

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Featured Image provided by Jazmyn Lacey