Look, there are so many skincare products already out, that’s a given! Just when you thought you were content with your routine, we’re here to let you know that there are more products on the way to change your life.

With each month that we welcome, we bring in new skincare products and as the Ultimate Beauty Guide, our mission is to stay on top of the game and let you know of all the exciting new launches that take place.

Check out a few exciting new skincare product launches that are guaranteed to change up your routine for the better!

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Hello Products Fresh Citrus Antiperspirant, $7

I love a good antiperspirant, don’t you? This deodorant is no different from Hello Fresh’s brand when it comes to being aluminum-free! This one has a scent of sweet citrus and is said to protect you from sweat and smell for up to 48 hours!

photo obtained from Kylie Skin

Kylie Skin Coconut Body Wash, $26

Kylie Skin has just released a new body wish and I think it’s perfect for summer! Not only is it sulfate-free but its nourishing ingredients just remind me of sweet summertime.

photo obtained from Saks Fifth Avenue

Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow, $36

Skincare brand Elemis is considered gold in the world of skincare and there are many reasons why! This new product from the brand is to be used like a toner once or twice a day. Not only will it lock in moisture but it will help your skin look beautiful all day long.

photo obtained from Yes To

Yes to Avocado Fragrance-Free Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $15

You guys know how much I love avocado but avocado in skincare products is life-changing! This new acid serum from the brand has hyaluronic acid in it to hydrate the skin and the avocado locks it all into place, ensuring you stay moisturized all summer long.