The New York Fashion Week, taking place on September 9, 2023, is more than just a fashion show. In fact, it is more than that! The FATA Fund Inc. and the Fashion and The Arts are bringing you a ‘Back to The Tent’ fundraiser during the spectacular show.

This event will take place between 10 am-5 pm within the most affluent community in America, i.e., Southampton’s Village Agawam Park.

A day full of fun, fashion, enthusiasm, innovation, creativity, and style. In short, a day you CANNOT miss! Join us in celebrating our talented artists and designers redefining fashion and taking style to a whole new level.

Standout Event Feature

The show is not just limited to fundraising and fashion! You can dance to the beats as DJ Funk Flex lends his mixing style to honor the 50 years of hip-hop music.

Prominent Artists 

We will be presenting the art of some of the most extensive figures, including the fashion designer Ron Dyce, an eyewear designer, Jabez Robinson, and comedian A.G. White. In addition to these artists, we will be featuring IFLYUNIVERSE.

Ron Dyce will present some of his  best couture pieces, while Kayla Lookinghorse will give life to the runway with her presence.


This exclusive fundraising event is sponsored by none other than T. McDonald Cosmetics.

Social Media and Advertising 

The expected audience consists of 5,000 attendees throughout the day. And of course, the audience will include baby boomers and upscale millennials; therefore, the advertisers and sponsors will have an amazing chance to market and portray their products and grab the attention of the audience that is known for putting all their experiences out on social media.

What It Has for You?

Being an attendee, you can enjoy a full day out and get lost in an indoor private pre-show, fashion, art exhibits, outdoor shopping, and whatnot!

So, become a part of our fun day, a day filled with philosophy, art, fashion, and philanthropy. Let’s support emerging talent and celebrate the connection of style and creativity.

Ticket Information:

Tickets are available on Eventbrite under “Back to The Tents.”

The costs are as follows,

Admission to the park is FREE.

General Show Pass: $50

All Access Pass: $150

Advertising and Sponsorship Chances

A few slots for opportunities for advertising and limited sponsorship are still available. If you are looking forward to promoting your band at FATA’s spectacular event, you can reach out to them at or call Kevin Fleming or Philena Taylor at the following numbers: 631.939.1139 / 718.500.4121.

So, don’t forget to join us at the “Back to the Tents” fundraiser on September 9, 2023, in Southampton’s Village Agawam Park, and be part of this unforgettable experience as we emerge in music, fashion, creativity, and much more all in one!

Have you got any questions about how to become an attendee?

Drop an email at