Nia Long and Storm Reid together in a movie? Sign me up! 

On Thursday, January 12th, Sony Pictures hosted the official red carpet premiere for MISSING, the new feature film starring both actresses, taking viewers on a suspenseful ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. Sheen had the pleasure of attending the exclusive event, which took place inside Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Classified as a “mystery thriller,” the film stars Storm Reid as June and Nia Long as her mother…but things take a huge left turn when the latter suddenly goes missing. There’s a scene where June is seen at the airport patiently waiting for her mom to return from vacation in Colombia, only to be stood up.

Suddenly, June’s instincts kick into overdrive as she does everything possible to track down her mother. This includes utilizing technology and hacking into her mom’s boyfriend’s accounts, later finding out he’s not who he says he was.

Megan Suri walked the red carpet first, best known for her role on Netflix’ Never Have I Ever. Soon after, Storm joined rocking a beautiful feathered gown, with Nia Long trailing behind in a vibrant green dress. The synergy between the two was unmatched, as both had nothing but praise for one another.

MISSING hits theaters worldwide on January 20th.

Photo Credits: @yachisherry