Nichelle Walker’s a Chicago-bred serial entrepreneur who is breaking through the glass ceiling on her own terms. This powerhouse first started her entrepreneur journey with her own indie book publishing company known as New Wave Mass Media.

Can you tell us, who is Nichelle Walker?

Who am I? I am many things! Nichelle Walker is unstoppable. I mean I turned into a whole rapper because people said I couldn’t do it (laughs) because I was “too old” because you know being in your 30’s is old these days. But I refuse to let anybody tell me what I can’t do!! I am woman, I am a determined, fueled with dreams and desires. I am a girl who beat the odds. A teen mother, a woman who survived an abusive relationship, and even when I felt that I didn’t know which direction to turn, I kept going.  I always say “all I do is win” because through it all I always conquer my goals.

Growing up, did you always have the desire to be an entrepreneur?

I did always want to be like my uncle who was an entrepreneur, I remember he had a video store, construction company, he always had a business going and I wanted to be just like him. I feel for this generation in my family I am the Uncle James, and I am teaching the younger generation how to be an entrepreneur in my family.

Can you tell us more about your indie book publishing company, NWMass Media, and what lead you to start it?

I started the company to put out my first novella “Doing His Time” I didn’t want to find an agent but just put the book out on my own and see how it went and it turned out to be a hit. Back then finding an agent to help you was hard so I put myself on.

Where would you like to see your company grow in the future and post-pandemic?

Well, I would love to see it get back on track with growth and putting out more products. I have some books coming out next year. I have so many businesses that I want all of them to grow and be known. With my Mela Basics company, it was a tuff year, I was called a racist because my products have melanated kids on them, so it’s been a challenge. But I will push through as always.

You’ve also started the New Wave Music Group, what motivated you to open your music company?

My son wanted to be a rapper. I was like “huh” I wanted him to go to college. But he insisted on being a rapper, so I took his college fund and started the record label. I had plenty of talent in my family, so I wanted to create a safe place for them to be treated fairly in the industry. The industry is tuff especially for a woman trying to start a label.

With so many amazing careers, how do you maintain a balance between family and personal life?

It’s hard, I always feel like I ain’t doing enough. I wrote a song called “Okay” that talks about it. How women wear so many hats and some days you feel overwhelmed. Some days you feel guilty, some days you feel deprived, some days you feel used, and some days you feel accomplished, and all of the days your feelings are okay and valid. I really haven’t found the right balance and don’t know if I ever will, I just tell myself hard work pays off, and give myself breaks, lock myself in the bathroom to get away or step away from work to just do nothing. I kind of listen to my body.  Make sure that I give a little of me to the kids and my husband and give a little to me too.

Knowing the importance of self-care, how do you take time for yourself, and what are some of your daily routines?

Self-care is important and I haven’t been good at it. I look in the mirror-like girl you got fat, you need to go to the gym, but where the time going to come from. So, this is where I am at now figuring out how to create a space to self-care for me and not feel guilty about it.  But I take hot baths and put my headphones in, so I don’t hear the kids banging on the door. And I tell my husband he needs to get his kids so I can have some me-time. I’ll even take a trip to the store and that time to myself rejuvenates me.

What advice could you give to someone interested in starting a weight loss company or desiring to go into the medical field, specifically nursing?

This is funny because I started to go to nursing school about 3 years ago and dropped out. I would say make sure you’re passionate about helping people. Nursing is a serious job, not full of glitz and glamor but very rewarding. Prepare yourself for nursing school it is not easy! I tell all the young girls I know to go right out of high school before you have any responsibilities. Just you and your books, but if you are doing it later in life, focus and get help. You can do it never give up. I gave up focusing on my career field with is accounting. A weight-loss company makes sure you represent your products can’t be out of shape selling people’s dreams. And be real don’t be on the table getting a flat stomach then sell everybody else a dream.

What would you like our viewers to gain from this interview?

I would like for them to get to know a little bit more about me and who I am. That I am just like them, a girl with some goals knocking them down Mike Tyson style.

How can people connect with you and everything you have going on?

They can follow me on all my social media, Instagram @nichelleslays @justivfun_official @newwavemusicgroup_ @icedprincessapparel


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Nichelle Walker