Nick Cannon is the epitome of someone who is talented in multiple industries… and now he’s paying it forward.


On Saturday, February 25th, Nick Cannon and the Ncredible Team kicked off the Future Superstar Tour at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. The premise of the tour is to introduce the next wave of superstars to the world! 

The tour features both up & coming and established artists, including D-White, Addy, Pop Money, JD McCray, Traetwothree, DW Flame, Hitman Holla, Jilly, Klondike Blonde, Bg Boss Vette, Symba, and 24kGoldn. Hitman Holla couldn’t make it to the first show, but the crowd got to see Zoe Osama hit the stage. It is unclear whether or not Zoe will be performing for the duration of the tour, but he put on a stellar performance nonetheless. 

Each performer brought their own flavor and the crowd seemed to be highly engaged with even the lesser known acts. D-White, Addy, and Pop Money, and DW Flame all came with high energy performances that kept the crowd bouncing for the entirety of their sets. DW Flame also brought out fellow LA artist Steven G. and crowd went wild. 

Jilly and Klondike Blonde were charismatic performers whose talent, beauty and sex appeal made it hard to look away. JD McCray and Traetwothree came to serenade the ladies with their impressive vocal performances and charm. 

Symba gave the crowd refreshing introspective lyrics and soulful music that feels absent in the majority of mainstream hip hop today. Big Boss Vette and 24kGoldn, who arguably have the biggest records out of the bunch, hit the stage like seasoned vets. Big Boss Vette graced the stage and performed her hits “Pretty Girls Walk” and “Snatched” with ease. She twerked and even showed off her athleticism by doing a few splits for the audience while the ladies cheered and the fellas stared in awe. 

24kGoldn hit the stage and reminded the crowd that his ascension to superstardom is no fluke. He left no part of the stage untouched as the audience sang every word to his monster hits “Mood” “City of Angles” and “Coco.”

Every act put on an Ncredible show and we’re excited to see how their careers unfold.

Photo Credits: @yachisherry