The world was waiting on another Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden conversation, and it finally happened. A Conversation with Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden touched on several topics, including Queen Radio, the blueprint for this generation’s female rap, what prompted Minaj’s plastic surgery, chart manipulation, motherhood, and more.

According to Variety, the Chun Li rapper, who has always been vocal about many subjects, believes that she’s the blueprint and explained why she feels the need to not jump on popular music trends that many other artists do. She also added that she was one of the first people bullied by social media trolls.

“I was one of the first people to be sh*tted on, on the internet,” Minaj said. “Every day, I would go on, and it was some new story, some made-up story or bad picture.”

The New York rapper went on to talk about how she got butt injections in Atlanta, where she lived at the time, after being surrounded by the plethora of curvy women Lil Wayne would bring into the studio. On a lighter note, fans were excited to hear that Minaj’s iconic show, Queen Radio, would be making a return, but not on Beats 1. In an Instagram Live, the rapper revealed that the show would be on Amazon’s Amp app.

Watch the conversation on Joe Budden’s Youtube Channel.