By way of California and Nigeria, Tomi Tribe is a talented DJ and entrepreneur who is reintroducing Afrobeats in his unique way. As Nigeria is coined as a music and party melting pot, it’s only natural for Tomi to encapsulate the culture. His goal is to push Afrobeat further so that he can showcase Africa’s talents.

He described his goal being: “Creating as many superstars from Africa as possible. There are so many talented artists in Africa that don’t have the proper guidance and outlets. Africa is the future.”

As for the entrepreneurial spirit, Tomi thanks his father and the family business for introducing him to learning how to “hustle.”

“My father was a doctor and businessman, so I grew up working for the family business and that gave me the entrepreneur spirit,” Tomi said. “I’ve never had a job in my adult life, so I’ve always had to hustle to live.” 

Filled with traditional cultural views, Tomi found it difficult to “not walk in a traditional African path” and oftentimes had to tune out the lack of support from his community for his creative endeavors. His story influences his future to create as many superstars from Africa as possible. He truly believes that afro-beats is a niche genre that needs to be spotlighted. 

Nevertheless, Tomi made his mark by staying true to his craft and staying true to his mission around the globe. With immense talent coming out of Africa, Tomi Tribe does a great job at showcasing that talent and using his creativity as a producer and DJ to make Afrobeats a lifestyle. He also plans to open a boutique in LA furthering his agenda to be an outlet for Africa’s music.