Executive Career Coach Janelle Reid, the founder of Divine Career Solutions teaches people how to create the career they desire and position themselves for success despite obstacles and challenges within the workplace.

Can you tell everyone who is Janelle Reid?

Janelle is the founder of Divine Career Solutions, an HR & business consultancy. She teaches and equips business owners on how to deliver inclusive workforce solutions and create 6-7 figure people & business processes so they can scale their businesses with minimal stress.

Janelle was the highest-ranking African American & Women global executive VP of HR over 2 countries (US & Canada) and has successfully transitioned from Corporate America to full-time business owner. As a woman of God, mom & business owner with 15 years of HR experience in various disciplines of HR, she now understands what comes with leadership and has been leading the way for others to walk in their purpose.

Can you tell us more about your company Divine Career Solutions?

Divine Career Solutions develops innovative hiring strategies to attract & retain employees and develop talent development strategies to build their internal talent marketplace so that businesses can sustain, grow & scale by having the right talent serving in the roles and adding value to the organization.

What sets our company apart from others in my industry is that we take a holistic approach in serving our clients HR consulting needs by helping clients optimize the outcomes of people & process. Our clients come to us with their pain points in their business, we then diagnose the root cause to help them understand the people aspect of the pain point and the root cause of the process or lack of process and develop the strategy with full alignment with people, process and outcomes to deliver results to the business.

How can people connect with you?

You can connect with me on my website at

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 Photos courtesy of Tiffany Simmons