NLE Choppa is positioning himself to become one of the greatest rappers of our generation. Hailing from Memphis, his real name, Bryson Lashun Potts, is only 19 years old and has already achieved what most artists only wish they could in a lifetime. With numerous bangers under his belt, it’s hard to dismiss his talents and ability to go crazy on a beat, boasting a spitfire flow that refuses to go unnoticed.

Exploding onto the scene with his 2019 viral single “Shotta Flow,” the world quickly fell in love with Choppa’s unique style and sound, pairing it with undeniably contagious dance moves that will have you wanting more. And still, his biggest flex to date is his recent spiritual awakening, quitting all drugs and alcohol, going vegan, and turning to meditation to find his peace. In fact, he even opened up his own vegan food truck called Can’t Believe It’s Vegan.

Now, Choppa is excited as ever to be releasing his forthcoming album titled Me vs. Me, spearheaded by lead singles “Too Hot” featuring Moneybagg Yo and “Jumpin” featuring Polo G.

Sheen Magazine caught up with Choppa at Paramount Studios moments before his intimate listening with close friends and family. Read below as we discuss his collab with Moneybagg Yo, his vegan food truck, how “Jumpin” with Polo G came about, a new song with G Herbo, learning how to meditate, and having a baby boy on the way.

How are you feeling?

I feel good, real good. I’m ready to hear feedback from everyone.

I feel like you can’t make a bad song, though.

[laughs] You know. I might sometimes. It probably doesn’t get out, though.


Love “Too Hot” featuring Moneybagg Yo. What did that collab mean to Memphis?

We collabed one time. He was on my “Camelot” remix. But this is the first official song. It means a lot. Whenever I can link with an artist from the same city and get their energy back to the city, it’s like a gift to Memphis. Because certain things like that, people love to see.

 I saw your vegan food truck out there! Talk about being an entrepreneur at such a young age.

Yeah, it’s called Can’t Believe It’s Vegan. It put me on a type of pedestal that nobody’s really on, or a lot of people aren’t on because they can’t own a restaurant. Well, a lot of people don’t own a healthy restaurant that’s in my shoes or a healthy food truck because that’s eventually gonna turn into a restaurant. So it’s a big responsibility that aligns with my purposes I gotta carry, so I make sure I carry it well.

What is your go-to vegan meal?

My go-to-vegan meal, I gotta say anything that’s Mexican food. Tacos or quesadillas, shoutout to Gracias Madre.

What other ventures do you have your hands in?

Healing resorts is something I’m very interested in. People can come to heal certain things. That’s about it. I try to pace my goals—one step at a time.

You and Polo G make crazy records together. Bring us back to when you made “Jumpin.”

Originally, I made the song for Future. He was busy, I think I tried to reach out to his team to see if he could cut it, but he was out of town. He was out of the country. One day, I was in the studio with Polo. I was playing my music and came across that song. He said, “bruh ain’t even gonna lie, you gotta send me that.” So I sent it to them, about the next week he did it in the studio.

What was your reaction when you heard the verse back?

Oh man, I ain’t gonna lie, it was perfect. It was just what was needed. It was the missing piece to it, so extremely excited.


I’m obsessed with G Herbo. Talk about the song “Chicago to Memphis.”

It’s gonna be one of those, one of them street bangers that’s gonna turn all the way up to something on the billboards. He did his thing on the song, and I did my thing, and it’s gonna be crazy.

 Can you explain your chain?

It’s me meditating. It’s a medallion piece.


Do you do yoga?

I did a little bit. I haven’t done it recently. Yoga has everything to do with breathing.


How long do you meditate?

It usually depends. I usually meditate every second of the day, just making sure my breath is right, and my thoughts are clear. Or deep meditations, I do for an hour or two.

How did you learn?

It wasn’t really hard. I listened to some guided meditations. Five of them in, I was pretty much a professional.


How’s it feel to be having a baby boy on the way?

It’s beautiful. It’s what I originally wanted, but God gave me what I needed, and I’m not complaining about it. I love my daughter to death. But when I had my son, my son, on the way, I feel like that’s just crazy. It showed I changed my life to where it needed to be, and he gave me what I wanted. Because if not, he would’ve given me another girl, you know? There are certain things you gotta improve. If God gave you a girl, there are certain things you gotta improve within you being a man. If he gives you a son, there are certain things that the mother probably has to improve with being a mom. It’s just certain things.

Do you have a name yet?

Seven. My life path number is 7.


One thing you want fans to get from Me vs. Me?

I want them to see a side of me they really haven’t heard. It’s an advanced, mature side of me, just like my music matures drastically. With me writing my music now, clearly, I’m sober. I’m in a better space of mind to present music.

Any significance in the left Choppa versus the right Choppa In the cover art?

The left, untatted side represents the young Choppa. Then the tatted side represents the current Choppa.

Photo courtesy of Johnnie Carpenter & Warner Records