No Designation is a Black Woman’s Guide To Healing Childhood Traumas Without Shame Or Blame. Brown began the No Designation Pinot & Pajamas Book tour in her hometown of Trenton, New Jersey on April 9, 2022! During the tour, Brown is partnering with local black spas around the country to provide rejuvenating experiences for the tour guests!
“The No Designation Pinot & Pajamas Book Tour is about the black woman’s journey to healing childhood traumas. I’m partnering with black spa owners because they understand the rejuvenation process to being whole and healed.”

Can you tell everyone, who is Tunisha Brown?

Tunisha Brown is an innovator who is a conduit for black men and women who are seeking to be empowered, encouraged, and educated.

When did you know you wanted and needed to write the book “No Designation?”

I knew it was time for me to write “No Designation” when I was hosting “Cocktails & Conversations” with Ming Lee in 2016 in my hometown of Trenton, NJ. After the event, a young lady came to me to say that while she appreciated Ming Lee’s story, she wanted to hear mine.

Did you find it difficult to write your book dealing with childhood traumas?

It was a bit difficult to rehash the trauma because it involved my mother, and I didn’t want to open that wound. I had gotten to a place of acceptance with the ability to have a better relationship. Once I made up my mind to write the book, I spoke with my mother to let her know. She encouraged me to write it which enabled me to move past the difficulty.

Can you tell us more about the partnership you have with Black-Owned Spas and what that means to you?

When I began putting the “No Designation Pinot & Pajamas” book tour together, I was speaking with Tenisha “Isha” Hicks who owns Isha Esthetics + Wellness in Utah. She asked if I would be interested in adding facials and hydration treatments to the event! It clicked for me to have this type of experience for the guests around the country and I would partner with black spas to get it done!

Why do you feel it’s important to help people heal from their traumas?

Black women are the epicenter of our culture! We are wives, mothers, friends, and daughters who have gone through this life holding on to traumas of our past. It’s imperative that we accept the things we cannot change in order to free ourselves. That ‘Serenity Prayer’ is the truth!

What advice can you provide to those that would like to become an author and business owners?

The advice I have for those seeking to be an author is to write from a position to inform without shame or blame. For those who are seeking to begin in business, be sure to have clarity on what your purpose is.

Know who you are seeking to help. Know you are the right person to get it done and work with excellence!

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

I would like the readers to gain perspective on how things work out for your good in this life. Remember, temporary defeat does not mean permanent failure.

How can people connect with you to learn more?

You can connect with me via social media @momentswithtunisha or @impactmagazine. You can also purchase my book, “No Designation,” from


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Book signing: Tunisha Brown