For most of us even the regular challenges of everyday life hold us back from reaching our full potential. We dream of being more and doing more. We long for a life filled with purpose and happiness, yet, we settle and tell ourselves that more is for others. 

Meet Marcus Boyd, Grammy nominated producer, motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur and Autism Activist. Boyd, born with Autism himself, has had his fair share of challenges. Having gone until age 13 years before being able to speak, Boyd could only speak at a two year old’s level for quite some time. Crediting his faith and the support of those around him, Boyd does not place limitations on himself. A remarkable depiction of what faith and perseverance can do, his story is one that needs to be heard by not only those that live with Autism, but by anyone that sees a difference as a barrier. Boyd has chosen not to see these things as stop signs but as queues to either reroute or hit the gas. The mega talented Boyd sits down with Sheen Magazine to talk about his journey, not yet finished.

Give us some background on how things started out for you, leading up to where we are now.

I grew up in Brooklyn and Atlanta and I have Autism. I didn’t start speaking until I was 13 and that was at  a 2 year old level and that is because, the doctors said, the left side of my brain doesn’t fully function. I have been in and out of foster  homes and group homes. I have been in different hospitals and inpatient facilities and haveI had to deal with abuse in so many different ways. Because I was nonverbal due to having autism, I experienced being bullied. I was on many different medications. It felt like I was always moving from home to home and that made life harder for me. Since then, I have grown into who I am now, a 13 time award winning music producer and composer and an Autism Activist. As a child I spent time around some well known music industry professionals and those connections and that education that came from.those experiences helped make me who I am today. 

How have the challenges that come with Autism impacted who you have become and how you arrived at this place?

Well, having Autism did cause me to be  made fun of. I was alone a lot. Being nonverbal created what felt like a lack of support. It took some time for me to be able to understand my mood and behaviors. I have experienced homelessness. I have gone through painful medical procedures and different medications in an effort to treat me. For the most part, people just didn’t want to deal with me. Often, I felt like an outcast. I went through a lot. 

Talk to us about some of your accomplishments so far!

Well, I have won over thirteen music awards and I am the first African American to win four awards as an Autism Activist. I own a clothing line with my business partners and I am working on a shoe line in support of Autism awareness. I am also working on some other great projects as well. I have accomplished a lot but I don’t really like to talk about the accolades because that’s not what this is about for me.

Tell us about  what is next for you.

There is so much that I have going on. My team says I do way too much and I need to slow down but I have this amazing short film about to come out it’s called: The Boy With No Voice directed by multiple award winning Tina Bridges of TLA Productions. I have new designs coming from my clothing line called ” The A Collection Clothing,” also a new sneaker coming from my shoe line which is called ” The A3 Shoe Apparel.” I have the comic book coming out soon called “Super Marcus” as well as a children’s book, ” Marcus The Hero Inside”. We are working on a three-part docuseries and a PSA about Autism. We have so much. I am working on so many things. 

What words of encouragement do you have for others that have challenges no matter what they are about how to overcome them and keep going?

To them, I say keep on  going. No matter if you have autism or anything else, it’s just a challenge or an obstacle to overcome. You might have a different  challenge to overcome whether it’s autism or you can’t speak or you can’t hear or mental issues or other physical issues or things from your childhood. We all have things that we go through but whether or not you let that hold you down is the difference. I have a strong faith and God has brought me a long way and I believe that if you believe in yourself and you work hard and you have faith that you can do anything.

How can people find you and connect with you?


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