With the wintertime coming just around the corner and climate conditions rapidly changing, its important now more than ever to make sure that you are protecting and caring for your skin. Proper skin care routines and good products can help you to avoid dryness and keep your skin hydrated in the harsh cold temperatures of the season. New Orleans native Britni Ricard has created a booming multimillion dollar skin care business called “Cota Skin”. Cota Skin features a variety of products that promote hydration of the skin and a healthy development of a proper skin care routine. Because of the strong love that she has for family, Ricard has dedicated the name of her brand to her late brother who was a musician; Chev on the ave aka Cota.

“I first became interested in skin care because of my brother and his amazing skin. He is what encouraged me to jump into skin care because he was crazy about the care of his skin. So, I began to do research and educate myself on skin and how to properly care for it. As far as me getting into the entrepreneurship side of things, it was time to get into the skin care business. Back in the day we didn’t have access to the things that we now have access to and watching a lot of people around me and seeing entrepreneurs creating their own lane for the things they love really inspired me.”

The journey of entrepreneurship can often take you on a rollercoaster ride and you can sometimes find yourself on the curb. For Ricard creating a great brand started with lots of research and even starting over to ensure that it was exactly how she wanted it to be. Ricard says, “One of the things that I’m extremely transparent about is my research on getting the help and the research that I needed from actual professionals. I’m not claiming to be a professional and I’m not an aesthetician, but I know how to weed out and just do my research and my due diligence on the professionals who are verse in this area. So, when it came down to me doing reformulation that was key. When I first originally got started with Cota Skin it was just a regular product that I put out. It wasn’t anything that I dived deep into when it came to the formulation of the product but when I rebranded that’s when I got into the education and the understanding of what’s actually needed to create a great skin care product. I became passionate about the fact that I didn’t just want to slap my name on something like everyone else, I wanted to actually find a formula that actually works and targets what I say it’s going to target. So, me working with a lab became the biggest thing for me. I have been hands on in the process but for me hiring the right people to formulate the perfect formulation for my product.”

Proper skin care is necessary and having the right products to maintain the largest organ of the body is even more important. Using just any ole skin care product won’t do to maintain good melanin. You have to invest in purchasing quality. On why investing in and having good products is important, Ricard says, “It’s extremely important for people of color to have good products that produce good results. Prior to the recent phenomenon of people of color wearing makeup, we were always into the preservation of our skin and keeping it up. I don’t think we ever realized the importance of skin care because for the most part we just use to wash our face. We just got into makeup however I do think that its important for us to revisit our roots and rock our natural beauty. We never had to cover it with makeup and filters or things like that so, I think its important to revert back to our roots and be fresh faced and flawless.”

You can purchase Cota Skin here.

All images by Captured by O