One thing you will learn from North Carolina bred Rapper Too Smoove is that discipline and due diligence are paramount for any artist or creative who wants to be taken seriously. From her uphill climb out of North Carolina and the east coast to gracing red carpets during Grammy week in Las Vegas – she’s no stranger to hard work or Hollywood.

The rapper, who released her first EP titled Anything But Ordinary in 2019 followed by her second EP Off The Porch in 2020, says that when making music she lets the beat “speak” to her. The Catch A Vibe rapper also noted that a lot of her music has to do with romance – both the good and the bad.

Noted as one of the hardest working independent rappers on the rise from the east coast, Too Smoove made it her business to be in Las Vegas for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Shaking hands with industry movers and shakers during the weekend’s most coveted events, the rapper was in the building at the Pre-Grammy “Brunch and Beats,” “The 7th Annual Soiree” and Musicology’s Road to The Grammy’s.

In an IG post, Too Smoove had one word to sum it all up – UNREAL. The also rapper wrote “What a humbling experience to be in the energy of all the people I look up to. This just makes me hungrier! The best is yet to come.”

The first year of my career I could not stay off of YouTube. I researched, read books, and attended seminars to learn the business side of the industry. Aside from being an artist and perfecting your craft you must also know to brand yourself, how to build your fan base, how to copyright your own material among other things,” she said.

I’m Smoove spoke with SHEEN about vision and transcending cultural and stereotypical boundaries through her music.

During the pandemic and now post-pandemic, so many people feel lonely yet this song sets the tone for romance and sensuality. How were you able to infuse so much emotion into this track?

That’s a good question. I think it’s just my natural ability because when writing the song, I wasn’t thinking about the pandemic or being lonely, I was thinking about the beat. The beat is what brought out the creativity. Synema, the producer of my latest track “Cath A Vibe” produced this song – it’s sensual and slow but it also has a kick to it. I like the guitar on it – it makes me heal and it makes me creative which is a huge part of why I brought it.

What responsibility do you feel that you have as an artist in a music industry that is over-saturated with talent? How has your sense of vision helped you stand out as an artist?

 I have this unique ability to see things before others. I can see things happen – the bad and good in a situation before the majority of others and I think that foresight is what has helped me stand out as an artist.

Your music has impacted youth, millennials, and baby boomers alike – both in your hometown of North Carolina and beyond. What does it feel like knowing that you’ve been able to transcend cultural and stereotypical boundaries and demographics?

It makes me feel great knowing that my music transcends boundaries and demographics across the spectrum. I feel like I’m in my lane and doing what I need to do as an artist. It’s important because no matter what your target audience is, you should have the ability to cross different eras and relate to people of all walks of life. I also recognize the power of being different and having a unique sound.

What does your latest single “Catch A Vibe” feat. Ari Cari mean to you personally and was it inspired by a real-life experience?

Yes and no. Yes, because these words are coming from inside of my head because subconsciously it’s coming from me. But no, because I’m not taking my lyrics and correlating them from any particular part of my life.

What artists have you looked up to and/or admired since your career started?

 Ryan Leslie, J. Cole, Roddy Ricch.

Which artists would you like to work with in the future?

In the future, I would like to make a song with Megan Thee Stallion.

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