There is a famous quote by Oscar Wilde that reads “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. I’m eager to see how flattered Tyler Perry will be after the release of director Johnny Mack’s newest movie, not another church movie. This is a star-studded film. The cast includes Kevin Daniels as Taylor Pherry. Tisha Campbell as Flora Black and Jamie Foxx as God. Did you giggle? I surely did. Join me and a few of the cast at Rose’ Bistro & Champagne Bar in Atlantic Station and we get an inside on what we can expect when watching this film. 

Signature cocktails and small bites flooded the event as we gathered to celebrate the cast on their new film. Excited for a good laugh, I was curious to know. Was this just a feel- good movie or is there a secret message? I directed this question to Jimmy Cummings, the producer of not another church movie. I also inquired about the beat of the movie. What can we expect as a viewer? Jimmy shared his thoughts and compared this film to a rollercoaster. The cast all nodded in agreement. Not having any additions to his answers. All I will share so that I don’t spoil the movie will be to keep all hands and feet inside the ride during its duration. Get ready and strap in. This is one heck of a rollercoaster ride. 

I was able to catch up with Kevin Daniels and Vivica A. Foxx at this event. Keeping our interaction light and fun to match the energy of the event. I don’t have the power to make anyone God but we can curate our own church. I asked the two stars “If they had a church and had to assign a role for that church, who would they choose” The answers are hilarious. The energy they shared speaks directly to what was captured on the screen. Raw, relatable, engaging and hilarious. I can’t wait for you all to witness this production. 

If you’re looking for a plan this mother’s day look no further. Not another Tyler Perry, I mean church movie will be in theatre’s May 10, 2024. Prepare yourself for a laugh you didn’t know you needed. Congratulations to the cast and team on a truly hilarious film. A standing ovation to Kevin Daniels who filled some pretty big shoes to pull of Taylor Pherry’s character. I am eager to see how the viewers respond.