Finally, all the hard work is paying off, and you are getting that long overdue recognition you deserve. Whether you have invested in yourself and building your brand or worked your butt off at the office, there is no denying that you are getting noticed. As humble as you are, you are not looking to flaunt your stuff just yet. Giving yourself a pat on the back for now is good enough for you. You would rather allow others to celebrate with you than to go at it alone because that is just the type of person you are; you never forget those who have been with you through it all— those friends who listened to you when you were up or down on yourself, during the good times and bad. There were no tricks involved in how you have gotten to where you are today; it was purely hard work. Those who are dear and close to you know you are not one for giving up when things are difficult. They have stood by your side through your highs and lows and the constant goal setting. Which is why you are a little taken aback… if not caught off guard by how your friends are acting now that you have accomplished what you started. Not Everyone Wants You to Win!

There is nothing more hurtful than seeing your cheerleading and supporting squad stabbing you in the back just because success looks good on you. Now is the time to be happy and live a little. Nothing’s changed; you are still the same funny, witty, outspoken, and at times stubborn friend you’ve always been. Success has not changed who you are, nor is it dictating how you act and treat others, especially those closest to you. When you were not doing so well, they seemed to be in your ear coaching and supporting you. Now that you’ve got this success thing going in your favor and you are great at it, let’s just say the squad is gone … missing in action. Don’t you find it strange that your new happiness has collided with those in your corner … who use to be your biggest supporters? Instead of talking about your next big move that will add to your success, you now find yourself babysitting your friends’ insecurities and fears.

They no longer want to hear your good news and seem to want to take away from it every chance they get. They try to dim your shine because they are not the center of attention or never were. What is really going on is that your friends and family—those who have been with you— now see the manifestations of your hard work paying off and they are jealous. They would rather distract and take away from your moment instead of celebrating in the moment with you. If they have not pushed away from you yet, just keep watching. Soon it will happen, and nine times out of ten it will be “your fault”. Your success and your happiness they struggle with will push your relationship over the edge. Everyone wants you to win until you start winning. Then watch out; the snake comes out.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking these people were always with you. Sure, in the beginning when your dreams were all you had to stand on, they stood with you, but now open your eyes and see what’s really going on. Some relationships come to an end, maybe not the end you wanted. Nonetheless, your success alone cannot support the relationship and it’s causing you more stress than ever before. This is about you and the great things that you are accomplishing; don’t forget that.

So, your friends and family who feel left out because you are now the center of attention in your shared world, they now must decide if they want to be a part of your world or not. You are going to continue to succeed with or without them. This they know and can’t stop, but they can sure try to delay
If you are finding yourself in such a situation, where your success is causing issues in your relationships and friendships, you must do what is best for you and cut them off. If they aren’t truly happy for you, chances are they will do everything in their power to take away from your success, if not sabotage your hard work and working relationships. This is only a moment in your life. You will meet people who appreciate you and truly support what you do.

While we are on the subject, just because you are friends doesn’t mean that you are supposed to give them a stake in the business and or company or make them CEO. It doesn’t work like that. You should never allow your friendships to get in the way of your goals and hard work. If you can work hard, so can everyone else around you, no one gets a free ride on success. Once you start giving out tickets for free rides, you will have more snakes around you than friends and supporters.
Brother/ Sister, never allow people who no longer see and support your dreams and vision to get in the way of what you are doing for the sake of keeping them around. If they aren’t happy for you today, they will not be happy for you tomorrow and will try to destroy everything you do. Jealous people are dangerous. Jealous and envious friends become snakes striking at you when you least expect it.

Not Everyone Wants You to Win especially a snake!