Passions can drive you to create the best avenues in order to impact a community! Ebony Austin’s passion for Chicago style food and her desire to bring it to Atlanta became a very real thing. The Chicago native has lived her life, from attending an HBCU to working in corporate America and obtaining a real estate license – she’s a Jill of all trades! This serial entrepreneur’s goal was always to serve others and successfully find the needs of individuals through research for what is high in demand. It was years ago while working with companies such as Campbell’s Soup Company that Ebony received the fundamentals.

Tapping fully in with her vision, Ebony sought out real estate after receiving her license. Her company, HIZ CREATIONS specializes in multi-family units and renovation projects. Ebony found her common ground for real estate and restaurants with God as her foundation – while building anything she grounds herself!

HIS CREATIONS Selling Points

Real estate for Ebony began with her first property, a 2-story flat in Chicago, next to where she grew up! With this HIZ CREATIONS Real Estate Investment began its first venture which stands true today – specializing in finding the prospective building. It was completely gutted and redesigned! Ebony thrives on making sure she’s in love with the finished product! Now, HIS CREATIONS shines as Ebony continues to purchase real estate! Her quality eye will ensure you will find what you’re looking for and oh, she’s a landlord as well.


Most find other languages sexy, Ebony found Nouveau’s French translation had its own appeal because it means modern! Located in College Park, Atlanta, Ebony fused together her love for food and different recipes to create Nouveau Bar & Grill vibe. When you arrive at her restaurant, the décor instantly draws you in – eye catching, refreshing, and delicacy will have your energy soaring and ready for the experience! Cleanliness and sanitation are always heavy on the mind of Ebony Austin – and with COVID regulations, all protocols are strictly followed!


 No worries because expansions are coming soon so you can enjoy with delicacies of Noveau at TWO locations very soon! This Boss Beauty isn’t stopping here, she’s climbing to the top with another new venture, S&E Transportation. Ebony Austin is a force, and she continues to grow!

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Photo credit: Acential Visuals