Innovative haircare brand takes center stage at Cosmo Prof stores across the U.S. to position and highlight the first-ever distribution partnership of a bond system curated by a Black woman and tailored, specifically, for textured hair.

NU Standard®, a state-of-the-art haircare brand curated for the “Busy Queen” on-the-go, is thrilled to announce its inaugural HYDRASILK® 6-City Product Tour! The exciting journey went on a caravan to Cosmo Prof stores across six U.S. cities including Philadelphia, PA (October 1), Alexandria, VA (October 2), Merrillville, IN (October 8), Broadview, IL (October 9), Charlotte, NC (October 15) and Atlanta, GA (October 16), and they revolutionized the way healthy hair is achieved and maintained.

The HYDRASILK® 6-City Product Tour was a dynamic initiative designed to educate and empower both professional and budding hairstylists on how to achieve and maintain healthy hair of all textures with professional-grade products. Central to this transformative experience is NU Standard‘s HYDRASILK Hydrating Bond System, a cutting-edge two-step solution with only two products that achieves instant hydration, improves the hair bond structure, and strengthens the overall hair strand thus reducing dryness, frizz, breakage, and hair loss.

At each tour stop, attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from NU Standard experts, including Autumn Yarbrough, the company’s founder; Lenita Griffis-Browning, Chief Education Officer; and Alana Snowden, Education Director. Together, they will host a specialized instructional zone focused on bonding for textured hair where attendees will gain insight about bond builders used as a hair wellness remedy for all textures, despite ethnicity.

Additional highlights of the events include live demonstrations such as the HYDRASILK silk press and no-heat styling techniques. There will also be hands-on practice sessions with half-head models, providing a tangible learning experience. Attendees will also enjoy live music by a DJ, delightful bites, a generous 20 percent discount on all purchases and exciting giveaways for attendees.

“Our partnership with licensed professionals is instrumental.  They are an important pillar to achieving hair wellness for everyone,” says Autumn Yarbrough, founder of NU Standard. “With this tour, we look forward to edu-taining professional stylists on HYDRASILK products and teaching them how to maximize healthy hair results for their clients with our products.”

A third-generation hair care entrepreneur, Yarbrough founded NU Standard in 2020 inspired by her grandfather, Comer Cottrell, Jr., haircare trailblazer, and parent’s Renee and Eric Brown.  Following in the footsteps of her grandfather as well as her mother and father, who all created successful and popular hair care brands, Yarbrough created NU Standard to develop innovative haircare products that included textured hair at the inception of R&D.  To do this, NU Standard has, strategically, partnered with industry innovators, formulators, and professional stylists around the world to develop safe and advanced products for retail and professional use, with HYDRASILK being a shining example of their innovation.

In January 2023, NU Standard made history by launching the HYDRASILK Hydrating Bond System at Cosmo Prof stores nationwide. As the leading distributor of salon products to licensed professionals in the hair industry, Cosmo Prof’s partnership marks the first-ever distribution of a bond system curated by a Black woman and tailored, specifically, for textured hair.

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