Meet the founders of Oasis Real Estate Investment and Development company that focuses on creating transformational change in underserved, low-income neighborhoods.

The Oasis founders, Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammed held their 1-year completion ceremony in Chicago, IL, yesterday to honor the inner city youth and young men who have completed their 1-year training under the Oasis Build Program.

“We see so much potential and greatness in these young men; we wanted to give them the head start we never had.”

Their Build Program helps young men and women in the Chicago and Los Angeles inner cities start their careers in real estate and teaches them how to buy property. The students in their program learn trade skills and how to completely renovate homes from electric work, plumbing, and more. Five of the young men that completed the one year of training ranged from their late teens to early 20s.

It’s no secret that most inner city youth that is left with limited opportunities and resources turn to gang-related activities or unsafe environments, and the Oasis allowed them to turn their lives around. More importantly, the program teaches its students the importance of ownership, investing, and generational wealth so that they can buy properties together.

The heartfelt ceremony touched on real inspirational background stories of all the young men in the program and how they completely turned their lives around. The five students started an LLC together for their company Nation Property Trades LLC, and at the end of the ceremony, Amir and Muhammed surprised the young men with a $10K check to help get their business off the ground.

You can view the recap of the event here.