With attachment to the Country of Canada. I am overwhelmed and dumbfounded. Yes, racism exists even in my home country. Do not be misled.

During the week(s), that spiraled in protests due to the unlawful death of George Floyd, this has awakened a conversation, especially in the streets of Toronto.  In the months following the death of George Floyd, there was another unfortunate death due to police involvement. There is mistreatment and multiple cases that go unsolved.

For the longest, I have been told that I am fortunate to be from a country that does not have problems like those on the other side of the border. I chuckle most of the time due to the statement being untrue.

The only difference is the culture, different weather temperatures, and rules and regulations.

There is a particular practice called “carting.” It is generally a humiliating tactic and a specific way of “stop and frisk,” carried as a street check. It usually has no cause for it in some cases but frequently applies to minorities, which is outrageous.

Several generations have known that Canadian history has focused on the country’s condition as the official standstill based on the Underground ?Railroad. This meant that it served as the official home for freedom and the possibility for those who escaped slavery to have freedom in the United States.

Some colonial jurisdictions also oppressed indigenous people– in reality, this had disremembered the country’s schoolbooks, and it’s history in total. Many bickered, and some may recognize Canada’s history, which includes the unlawful treatment of the indigenous people, continuing to this day.

It is significant to include anti-black bias and racism in our syllabi, books, and black history. For the part most, it stopped showcasing the history and understanding of black history month.  They were not just civil rights heroes, but also black artists, poets, law movers, and shakers before us.

This has illustrated that the black community subsisted in the country of Canada. It has shown that we have an abundant history of slavery for the last 200 years and have a prolix report of black virtuosities and culture.

During this, we have to have the conversation and have the time to hear the experience of the black community, the indigenous, and many other cities that have been silenced and affected by the mistreatment.