[College Park, GA ] – The Old National Discount Mall is proud to announce the first annual Old National Back 2 Skool Bash, an engaging event dedicated to supporting local students as they prepare to head back to school. The event will take place on Saturday August 5, 2023 at the Old National Discount Mall located in College Park, GA.

This event marks the first of many engaging events and initiatives powered by the historic space. Our goal and commitment to provide over 200 fully stuffed bookbags to students from the metro Atlanta area is only one of the exciting amenities available at the event. These bookbags will be filled with essential school supplies, ensuring that students have the tools they need to excel academically.

In addition to the bookbag giveaway, the event will feature a variety of resources provided by local agencies. Attendees will have the opportunity to access resources such as rental assistance, utility assistance, and other domestic resources to support their families. The event will also offer registration for tutoring programs, mentoring programs, and extracurricular activities, providing students with opportunities for academic support and personal development.

The Old National Back 2 Skool Celebration is not only focused on academics but also on creating a fun and engaging experience for the whole family. Bringing live performances, raffles, and free haircuts and hairstyles for children under 10 years old and activities for all ages, ensuring a day of enjoyment and entertainment.

We are thrilled to host the first annual Old National Back 2 Skool Bash and provide support to the residents of our neighborhood. Our aim is to not only equip students with the necessary supplies but also connect families with valuable resources and opportunities that contribute to collective progression of our key principles; Educational Development, Family Engagement, and Economic Empowerment.

The Old National Back 2 Skool Celebration will take place on Saturday, August 5, 2023 from 1:00pm-7:00pm at the Old National Discount Mall, located at 2660 Godby Rd, College Park, GA, 30349. The event is free and open to all residents. We have opened registration for outside vendors and several non-profit organizations in the Metro-Atlanta Area.

School Supply Wishlist:

Backpacks (clear or netted) Spiral Notebooks Composition Notebooks Pens

Pencils Crayons

Colored Pencils Markers
Glue Sticks Rulers

Loose Leaf Paper
Index Cards
Gently Used or New School Uniforms Laptop Donations

USB Flash Drives Water Bottles
Lunch Boxes
Hand Sanitizer
Art Supplies
Scientific Calculators Bookmarks
3 Prong Binders Dividers
Backpack Accessories

Gift Cards

For more information, please contact:

Mo Spearman | Publicist & Expansion Consultant The Old National Discount Mall

About the Old National Discount Mall

The Old National Discount Mall, located in College Park, GA has been a vibrant community hub for over 35 years. It is dedicated to supporting local businesses, fostering economic growth, and providing valuable resources and events for the city’s residents. The mall hosts a variety of cultural, educational, and family-oriented events throughout the year, contributing to the overall well-being of the community. For more information, contact. THEBIGIDEA.PR@GMAIL.COM