Cherry Charleston Harris was born and raised in Demopolis, Alabama. She is the mother of four and grandmother of six wonderful children. She spent twenty years of her life in Germany where she experienced people from many different cultures.

Her books Oma and Me: A Trip To The Fire Station and Oma Comes To Visit are heart-warming stories centered around Ethan and his grandmother and the many things they love doing together. Her third book is Christmas-themed and was recently released this holiday season.


Who is Cherry outside of your bio?

Cherry: Well, If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am a good friend. I love to laugh and enjoy the company of family and friends. I also love to enjoy some quiet time and rest. I love to see people happy and feeling good about life.  I have worked in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1986 and I have learned that joy can be had for all. I am a Bible believer.  Being divorced and a single mom for many years, I learned to look inward for strength and not outward. I am an overcomer. God made me to be the victorious one.  We are all designed that way, but we don’t all know this.  So, I have dedicated a big part of my life to helping others to understand that we are the winners, not our problems.

What motivates you daily?

Cherry: Some days I don’t feel very motivated at the pace that I should be.  After the divorce, I battled depression for a long time. Even now there are days when I don’t have much get-up-and-go. There are times when I have to have a good talk with myself. When I don’t feel so motivated, I look back over my life and remind myself of all the good things that have happened for me and the things that I presently enjoy.

What would you say to someone looking to start writing?

Cherry: I would say that it should be a passion for you that carries a message.  My book series, OMA AND ME, was born out of my love for my grandchildren.  The little boy in the book, Ethan, is really my grandson.  His mom has been a single parent all along and both of them needed a degree of support that my other children did not need.  The relationship that Ethan and I share is so precious that I wanted to share it with others.  The message is that there is love and joy to be nurtured in every family.  Although the books are categorized as fiction, the events in every book are based on actual moments that we have shared.  This gives him a history of our lives together to treasure and passes them down to his children when he is an adult.  So, I would say, write because what you want to put in print has meaning.  If it has meaning for you, the author, then that meaning will come off the pages into the hearts of others.  Don’t write to get rich.  Write to help and enrich others

What do you hope our readers will gain from this interview?

Cherry: I hope they will see a woman whose heart is full of love for her family and others.  A grandmother who embraces her little one.  I hope the books reflect and express moments that families across the world are already enjoying every day but do not get the chance to talk about. It is my prayer that troubled families will get hope for better things by experiencing the pages of my books.  Further, I want the books to show the love and happiness that exist in African American families.  I want to be the author that shows that my people are nurturers and supporters of the family unit.

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

Cherry: In 2023 I am looking forward to publishing my novel by spring.  I want to travel to promote my books and use my life experiences to help others.


Photo Credits: Cherry Charleston Harris