Since 2002, girls of a certain age would go out of their minds for a bright smile, well choreographed dancer, and talented vocalist Omarion. Since he hit the scene fans and the media have been obsessed with his next move or latest endeavor. 

Last year proved to be no exception to our keen interest in the star as he and his band mates;  combined with a few more of our favorites, made grown women turn into teeny boppers with the revival of the Scream tour. 

In addition to the stellar return of the tour, we also waited on baited breath to see just how he felt about his former partner’s new, and now old relationship. To which he famously quipped in his VladTV interview, “ I feel no ways”. It was at this moment we realized the stealth and zen like behavior of a grown man, Omari Grandberry. 

Here we are now, in the middle of a pandemic that has claimed millions of infectants world wide, with the updated installment of the Scream Tour postponed. 

In fact, the way we celebrate the release of music projects are no longer the same. Musicians are in most cases releasing their music without album release parties. 

We all remember album release parties, the honor of invitation, the blaring speakers, the bathroom lines, and the underwhelming drinks? 

Thank goodness for ingenuity because on October 20th, Sheen Magazine was invited to an exclusive album listening party for Omarion’s upcoming album Kinection. Omarion ensured that safety was paramount as this event was hosted via zoom with panoramic monitors for a mood filled interactive experience. 

The room where he shared his project was colored in a perfect blue tinge. He sat on a white leather sofa, and greeted each guest upon arrival.

His energy was warm and transparent, and he was eager to share with us the reasoning behind each track. 

This project is being released after a six year album hiatus and is sure to have B2K fans and R&B fans alike immersed in the sensual appeal, with full bodied musicality,  and track diversity. He even has a track titled “unbothered” which pays homage to his fan granted moniker. “The unbothered king.”

Here is a sneak peak of the full track list.

  1. Goddess (Feat. Busy Signal)
  2. Do You Well
  3. Mutual (Feat. Wale)
  4. Involved
  5. In It
  6. Unbothered
  7. The Kinection (Interlude)
  8. B2K Experience
  9. U and I
  10. Can You Hear Me? (Feat. T-Pain)
  11. No Complaints
  12. I Ain’t Even Done (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

Kinection is set to release on October 30th, 2020.