OMG Girlz are here to do one thing: inspire audiences from all around the world and let them know the power of standing together as friends and young women, while living in their truth each and every day. 

Originally created by Tameka “Tiny” Harris back in 2009, OMG Girlz first started as a quartet, with the acronym standing for Officially Miss Guided. Now, the group is composed of three women: Zonnique Pullins, Bahja Rodriguez and Breaunna Womack — all of whom are incredibly talented and share an unwavering passion for music. 

While they all first garnered a following as teenagers, fans are excited as ever as OMG Girlz reunite to unveil their first release in 8 years with “Lover Boy.” The crazy part is, the track was first teased back in 2011, and it wasn’t until the recent copyright lawsuit against MGA Entertainment toy L.O.L Dolls that the girls came back together to finish the song.

Sheen spoke with all three ladies of the group virtually, who were in high spirits in Atlanta. Read below as we discuss getting back together, their music, Beyonce cosigning them, goals, and more!

For those who don’t know, who is OMG GIrlz?

Bahja: I would say super fun, experimental. In our own lane for sure.

Breaunna: Known for the pink, purple, and blue. Sometimes, we mix it up sometimes. 

Zonnique: Very colorful. 

How did y’all meet originally? 

Zonnique: Me and Bahja have known each other all of our lives. When we were looking for a third OMG Girl, our security at the time or family friend Womack, who’s also Bre’s uncle, showed us her video of her dancing. We brought her straight up from Mobile, Alabama, and it was history after that.

Dancing to Beyonce, right?

Breunna: Yes, on Youtube. These girls are amazing. When I first met them, they took me in like family. Very talented, so it was an amazing time. It still is.

What’s the meaning behind OMG Girlz?

Zonnique: First when we put it together, we were forming, texting. We were becoming really big so we threw out a few things, but OMG was what stuck. At first, it was just Oh My Gosh. But now, it stands for Officially Miss Guided. The Miss is spelled Miss, which is for women guiding other women or girls guiding other girls. We tried to put our own twist on it.

I know y’all had that little lawsuit against MGA Entertainment toy L.O.L. Dolls. How did that affect y’all?

Zonnique: It was a crazy experience, having such a big company stealing something from you that we created. We wanted to fight for that. We also feel like it was a loss for a big win. It brought us back together.

Breunna: Definitely.

Bahja: Very much so.

You guys did your own solo stuff for a bit. Talk about that moment you guys decided to resume OMG GIrlz.

Breaunna: Really, we had already been playing with the idea since January of this year, because that’s when we were around each other the most. But once we were in LA this last time for the lawsuit, we were moving around. We talked about doing “Lover Boy,” recorded that. Alright bet, this is what it is. Really that moment, I wouldn’t surreal, but we always had talked about it. We never said we weren’t going to do anything together ever again. For us, it just felt natural. It was a natural progression really.

Was “Lover Boy” inspired by certain special men in your life?

Bahja: Back then, I’m sure we had somebody in mind when we were recording it. Really, it was a record that just came to us. We all were in a place at the time where we really just felt it. The record, it really does fit what all of us were feeling at that time, which is why we cut it. Now that we rereleased it, as adults, we definitely understand it a little bit more than we did as kids. But it still hits the same.

Best memory from the “Gucci This (Gucci That)” days? 

Bahja: Just being kids and having that experience. You’re traveling all over the country and the world. You’re performing and meeting different people, that’s the best memory.

Breaunna: I agree with her, the touring and being able to even host 106 & Park before 106 & Park was doing all that type of stuff. Great times. 

How would you guys describe your fashion sense?

Bahja: Experimental, ahead of the curve. Different, colorful, very stylish. Fun overall, we just like to have fun. Fashion is fun, we all feel that way. You wear what you like, you put on what you want to put on. That’s what we’ve always done. We were blessed to be able to bring something different to the industry and we’ll continue to do that. 

Zonnique: I like that.

Do you have any beauty go-to’s?

Bahja: Washing my face every night.

Breaunna: Doing the hot to cold water, cleaning with hot then closing your pores with the cold water.

Zonnique: I’m big on oiling my scalp. [laughs] That’s my only thing.

Talk about Beyonce praising you guys for coining the term “baddie”?

Breaunna: When Instagram first came about, she named herself BaddieBey. It came from us doing the show on YouTube called the Ishlist. We were describing her and saying how much of a baddie she was, and the different things that made her a baddie — which were endless things. When she had seen that, she let us know that we were the ones to name her Instagram and thank you, and she couldn’t wait to see us. It was an amazing time because it’s Beyonce first

and foremost. It was an amazing time. Very mind-blown, we didn’t expect it. To be noticed by Bey in any way capacity, it was awesome and an honor. Still till this day, can’t wait to see you.

Zonnique: In Atlanta, at the concert!

Beyonce has three days in Atlanta?

Zonnique: Yeah, she’s here the whole weekend.

Everyone on here is asking if you guys are going back on tour.

Zonnique: You never know! We really definitely want to though.

Bahja: That’s the best thing about it I feel, getting to tour the music. See everybody and how they react to music.

Breaunna: Yeah, see the different vibes in each city.

When you guys aren’t working, what do you like to do for fun?

Zonnique: Go eat. We definitely love to go to eat.

Bahja: We really just hang out. So much of our life is public, we really do anything low key for the most part. It could be going to the pool, hanging out at somebody’s house. Anything, we really kick it.

Breaunna: But eat mainly. Or drink.

All: [laughs]

Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Zonnique: To finish this year off strong. 

Bahja: Yeah, finish it strong. Really, to be doing more things really together and expanding our brand a little bit more. It’s going to be super exciting. It kind of feels like we’re doing it all over again. 

Breaunna: That was perfect.

Anything else you guys are excited about?

Bahja: Just new music for me, I’m always dropping music. I’m dropping another project in the next two months, that’s what I’m most excited about personally.

Breaunna: Same for me. A girl got some merch out. I know we’re all working on getting our own merch out too so I’m excited about that. 

Zonnique: Some new music for me, and also this movie that I was a part of. It’s a movie on Tubi called Rock The Boat, it’s out on the 17th.

How was it acting?

Zonnique: It was fun. It was a nice experience for me, I enjoyed it. 

Breaunna: I’m excited to see it too.

Bahja: Me too!