Actor, rapper and author Omar Epps was live on “Good Morning America” today as he spoke with co-anchor Michael Strahan about his new sci-fi book “Nubia: The Reckoning.”

Of the second installment in the “Nubia” series, Epps said, “It’s really about inclusion in an organic way. I try to have characters that represent the world in the way that it looks–and people that haven’t been seen and heard […] are [also] felt.”

Epps shared that he envisions the “Nubia” series as a trilogy, with ideas for also taking the series to the screen, including film, television, animation and beyond. He said, “In a sense, I’ve created a universe here, and I want to be able to tell as many stories as I can within it.”


Credit: ABC News/”Good Morning America

Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash