Setting It Off with Jacques Chevelle of Nickelodeon’s new sitcom, Side Hustle hopes to represent minorities and encourage others not to take life so serious!

Jacques Chevelle is a newcomer to our screens and has landed the hit role as “Jaget” on Nickelodeon’s show, Side Hustle. He brings his own swag and personal experiences to the new comedic role. With a multicultural and multi-gendered cast, his character brings the spice to the show. However, his acting dreams began years ago in Atlanta.

“I started doing productions at my school in Atlanta. We did Shakespeare at the time. We even go to perform in an actual Atlanta theatre. I went on to experience LA theatre as well,” Jacques expresses of how he got started in acting. “I love theatre, and I like being on stage for 2.5 hours or more. I also enjoy the relationships that you make with the cast for three months or so,” he continues.


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