Tiffany Black takes the reins of her career by writing and producing her own content.

Tiffany Black started performing at a young age by recording music videos to learn the choreography. At age 22, she began professionally pursuing her acting career. Black landed her first acting gig in college on a web-series called My Brother’s Keeper. Since college, this Florida native has starred in several on-screen shows and films such as When Love Kills, Love Is __, A Madea Family Funeral, and more. Black enjoys challenging herself by playing different types of characters. “If I put myself in one box, I may not work again because they may not be looking for that box.”

What have you learned about the acting industry?

Nobody is looking for you, it’s a self-starting career. The people who are successful are ones who just want to work and be disciplined. My favorite quote is by John Singleton, “He is a writer, but he directs to protect his vision.” That resonates with me.


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