Carlacia Grant is an up-and-coming trailblazer that’s new to some, but true to the industry.

As a beautiful Capricorn with a West Indian bloodline, Carlacia Grant is a strong believer that nothing happens to you, and everything happens for you. Carlacia is making her name known and reminding us of the effort it takes to get to this level. She shares a little about landing a lead role win the Netflix series, Outer Banks and where she’s heading in this industry.

How did you get started in the industry and what was your experience like?

I found a passion for acting when I was 13. Originally, I started doing plays, and then I started doing pageants. The biggest challenge I faced was not knowing what do do to really get into the acting world. Taking to the internet and doing research for this information wasn’t big at the time, so I struggled to figure out exactly how do I do this as a career. My parents being West Indian never considered being an actor a real career at first. Finally, my mom caved in after constantly begging her, she agreed to help me do it. We had a lot of challenges along the way but it eventually worked out. I did modeling gigs, landed my first few roles on major series, and now I’m here.


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